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72 Ways to Die
Written by Worm Mad

72 Ways to Die is a Buffy-esque spin-off of 17's Company, focusing on Zero72 (another former forum member) as he leaves the bar and becomes a vampire slayer. Focusing on good old fashioned monster slaying hijinks, it's fun for all ages! (note: may not be suitable for all ages)

72 Ways to Die - Series 1Series 1 DVD Extras72 Ways to Die - Series 2Series 2 DVD Extras1772 - The Sitcom Movie

72 Ways to Die - Series 1
pdf #1: Post-Pilot Syndrome
PDF, 50.6 kB
pdf #2: Blood
PDF, 45.7 kB
pdf #3: Demonic
PDF, 46.3 kB
pdf #4: Scheduled to Die
PDF, 46.9 kB
pdf #5: Wolves
PDF, 44.3 kB
pdf #6: Vengeance
PDF, 47.6 kB
pdf #7: Minus None
PDF, 49.4 kB
pdf #8: Bite Me!
PDF, 48.6 kB
pdf #9: High Spirits
PDF, 48.3 kB
pdf #10: Confrontation
PDF, 42.3 kB
pdf #11: Casket & Pillow
PDF, 51.6 kB

Series 1 DVD Extras
gif A sketch of Zero72
GIF, 14.2 kB
Drawn by Zeor
gif An advert for 72WTD
GIF, 18.9 kB
Drawn by Zeor

Series 2 DVD Extras
mp3 Zero Goes to Hell
MP3, 7.05 MB
A full-cast audio adventure inspired by Ep4!

1772 - The Sitcom Movie
pdf Original Edition
PDF, 124 kB
This movie combines 17's Company and 72 Ways to Die
pdf Commentary Edition
PDF, 159 kB