Overall Forum Rules & Guidelines

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Overall Forum Rules & Guidelines

Post by Squirminator2k » Wed Mar 02, 2005 12:23 am

Ahoy, Dream17 Fans! Welcome to the forum, which is generally speaking a nice place to visit.

There are, of course, Rules and Recommendations for posting in any Forum. Here are ours...

  • No discussing or linking to Adult Content. This will be enforced with the strictest of Finger Waggings.
  • No discussing or linking to ROMs, Warez, cracks, keygens or illegally downloaded software or music. There are websites dedicated to that kind of mischievious behavour. This is not one of them. This rule is repeated in Forum-specific rules in various Forums. The only exception to this rule is authorised sites, such as Back To The Roots and, of course, Dream17.
  • Don't come here just to ask about cracks or full downloads for Team 17 games, recent or otherwise (with the exception of what is already available on Dream17). If you do, you're an idiot and will be instantly BANNED. We'll most likely report your IP to whoever we need to report it too, while we're at it.
  • No circumventing the Word Filter. Some words are disallowed by our Words Filter. This has been done for a reason. Do not attempt to work your way around it.
  • Please respect the English language by using it properly. "1337" is not a word. "H4X0R" and "LOLZ0R", similarly, are not words. Numbers are not letters, do avoid using them as such. We'd also prefer a bit of capitalisation in your sentences. Remember, Capital Letters make the difference between "I helped my Uncle Jack off a horse" and "i helped my uncle jack off a horse".
How we deal with offenders
Our "Three Strike" System consists of, of course, three levels. First offence gets you a Finger Wagging, second offence gets you a Stern Talking To, and third offence gets you Banned. It's as simple as that. If you get a Finger Wagging or a Stern Talking To at some point, and time passes, you may have it dropped for Good Behaviour.

Remember that Dream17 is unofficial
While we will happily try and help you with any problems you may have, we do not have any official power. If you need any real support with Team17 games, contact the proper authorities.
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