What are you dream1❼ng?

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Re: What are you dream1❼ng?

Post by Bloopy » Mon Sep 14, 2020 6:07 am

A week or more ago I dreamt I was posting on a motorsport forum, and then the dream turned into the TV series Sense8 which I've been watching lately. Apparently Kala's father also posted on said forum. I mentally transported myself to them (as the sensates do in the show), where they were in the midst of a family photo session. Kala was operating an advanced camera with AI capabilities that could also see visiting sensates. I didn't open my eyes and smile at the right time compared to everyone else, but the camera was supposed to fix this by constructing a composite photo. Except it face swapped me onto her husband's face, and did a shoddy job of it at that. Amusing in the context of her relationships in the show. She asked which one of us was Bloopy on the forum.

Today, after watching the Mickey Never Came Back animation last night, I had what was probably one of the top two craziest dreams I've ever had (this epic being the other):

I dreamt about a modern Sim City-style video game set on a virtual version of Earth. A guy had achieved just about everything you could in this game, growing counterpart cities and villages to match or even outdo the real ones, diabolical traffic and all. The game had even enabled him to put a second little moon in low Earth orbit. He was able to put the world he'd created up for sale in an online auction, but it turned out he was terminally ill and he died before the auction was completed. As per his wishes, his consciousness had been digitised and loaded into his world, and it was placed on a rocketship and ceremonially blasted up to the little moon so he could watch over his creation.

Then I was visiting this virtual Earth myself. At first I was comparing a beachside village to what I supposedly knew the real life equivalent to look like, but soon I was entwined in the lives of the supposed virtual people living in the world. A guy I thought I knew was working at a medical centre and showed me the first aid room so I could try on a demonstration medical gown. A few of us were in a bicycle chase with the cops. I hooked up with an obese man because nobody really cares about that stuff in the virtual world, in the 3rd world shack he apparently lived in, with a bathroom door that opened out onto a narrow lane. He had an adopted daughter who received an alert in her virtual mind that a stranger was on the property, and she interrupted us to scan my mind and assess my character. Then a young woman was high up on a platform with a noose around her neck ready to jump, and I climbed up and danced with her. Then I had to sleep, and in the morning a guitarist climbed up and played her a song, but she couldn't be stopped. My view of her virtual death was foggy as I was still connecting back in. Elsewhere, a bunch of people were gathered on seats outside. A cop came over and chatted to a gang member. There were gangs called Blue Ghosts and Red Ghosts, seemingly the virtual afterlife of Bloods and Crips members, but it was all much friendlier here.

Then the war flashbacks started.

It was as if a second virtual world was experiencing interference with the first (Sense8 influence again). Trying to storm a beach one moment, and then peaceful the next. Then paddling helplessly in the waves under heavy fire. A solider wearing a black bandanna and goggles with one leg blown off at the thigh floated past. A boy with some sort of little square metal dinghy was escaping the area. Back in the original world he was just playing, sliding on a board over some seashells on a footpath.

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