Nintendo DS and G604T router

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Nintendo DS and G604T router

Post by Jonah » Wed Mar 29, 2006 1:36 pm

Well I have been working on this for days, I have finally got the DSL-G604T router working with the Nintendo DS.

Now first of all it needs to be pointed out that the method i used to make the router compatible with the DS will void your warranty. Secondly, the DSL-G604T is featured on the Nintendo Wi-Fi site as being a compatible router for Nintendo DS. Well the thing is, it is and it isn't. The current UK firmware used with DSL-G604T is not compatible with the DS, Australian firmware however is. I took this task on board today, I upgraded my router to Australian firmware version V2.00B02.AU.

Ok, so you go to a shop and buy a DSL-G604T router, you take it out of the box, set it up to work with your computers without any problems and then out comes the DS and behold, it doesn't work. The root cause of the problem is DSL-G604T_FW_V1.00B02T02.UK.20050815. DSL-G604T_FW_V1.00B02T02.UK.20050815 is the UK Firmware which was last updated according to the D-Link Website in 2004. So I searched the web and found that a number of users got there router working with Australian firmware.

So here are the steps I have taken to sort my problems out.

1. Download two Aussie firmware files from the web.
I say download two because you may have more success in converting your router if you use the oldest Aussie firmware installation first. However from what I have read people have had success by just installing the newer Australian firmware over the UK Firmware. The files you need are the following and are available to download directly from my website.

DSL_G604T.fw.200B01T01 (click link below to download). ...
DSL-G604T_V2.00B02.AU.upgrade (this is the newer firmware installation, click link below to download) ...

Now as I said before, you can probably install the newer firmware directly over UK firmware, but I had success with installing the older firmware first.

2. Unzip the files to a folder on your hard drive.
3. Read the read me document before you do anything, there is some very valuable information there.
4. Double click the firmware executable file of your choice.
(Please note that I don't recommend the older firmware over the new one. The newer firmware is much better than the older version by a long way and the DS runs great with the newer firmware. Use the older firmware as a stepping stone to upgrading to the newer version.)
5. Next important step, enter your routers IP address into the dialogue box when requested. By default in the UK this is, however if you have changed your routers I.P address then enter that information instead. Next comes some important info, do not enter the wrong I.P address or you run the risk of making your beautiful D-Link router suitable for the bonfire on November 5th.
6. Next, enter your routers password.
7. Put a tick in the corrupted image mode box
8. Press next to begin flashing your router with the Australian firmware.

Hopefully now your router has been flashed and you have a Aussie router. Next up, setting your router up for the internet.

The Aussie firmware for the G604T is very configurable, much more so than the UK firmware. To configure your router for UK internet:

1. Enter your routers new default I.P ( into your browser.
2. Enter your routers default username and password which just so happen to be admin and admin.
3. On your main screen when the router admin boots up click on WAN
4. Enter your internet settings into WAN.

a. Change PVC settings too Pvc3, this should change VPI to 0 and VCI to 38.
b. Enable Virtual circuit
c. Next enter your username and password
d. Choose your connection type.
e. Choose from a dynamic IP or static IP.
f. Next click on the advanced tab and select UPnP
g. Enable UPnP and from the list of connections select Pvc 3.

Next go to tools and select admin, there you can change the password required to access your router.

To add WEP security, go to home and select wireless. You can save your routers settings by clicking on tools and then system. The system menu will allow you to save and restart your router. Remember to save your settings or you will lose them all when you turn your router off.

I may add more detail to this when I have time but above is a good rough guide. I wouldn't even try this if you have no knowledge regarding networks, you will get a little lost.

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