Tower assault cheat code.

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Tower assault cheat code.

Post by hitchhikr » Mon Oct 16, 2006 3:43 am

Hi, i don't know if this already known but there's a cheatcode inside Tower assault AGA (i tested it with the CD32 version):


It enables ingame keys:

Code: Select all

          F9: Turn some collisions on/off.

        HELP: Level selection
              Need 2 digits after pressing this key (NOT from the numeric keypad).
              (eg. to select 2nd level, enter: 02).

              01: Crash landing site
              02: Civilian Zone 1
              03: Civilian level 2
              04: Civilian level 3
              05: Civilian level 4
              06: Outdoor sector 2
              07: Stores level 1
              08: Stores level 2
              09: Stores sector 3
              10: Stores sector 4
              11: Outdoor sector 3
              12: Military sector 1
              13: Military sector 2
              14: Military sector 3
              15: Military sector 4
              16: Security zone 1
              17: Security zone 2
              18: Security zone 3
              19: Security zone 4
              20: Colony ground sector 3
              21: Science sector 1
              22: Science sector 2
              23: Science sector 3
              24: Science sector 4
              25: Colony ground sector 4
              26: Engineering sector 1
              27: Engineering sector 2
              28: Engineering sector 3
              29: Engineering sector 4
              30: Corridor zone 1
              31: Corridor 2
              32: Corridor 3
              33: Corridor 4
              34: Corridor 5
              35: Corridor zone 6
              36: Corridor zone 7
              37: Corridor zone 8
              38: Corridor zone 9
              39: Corridor zone 10
              40: Corridor zone 11
              41: Corridor zone 12
              42: Corridor zone 13
              43: Corridor zone 14
              44: Corridor 15
              45: Corridor 16
              46: Corridor 17
              47: Main tower level 1
              48: Main tower level 2
              49: Main tower level 3
              50: Main tower level 4
              51: Main tower level 5
              52: Tower level 6
              53: Tower level 7
              54: Exit game
              55: Outer colony sector 5

              from 56 and beyond the game returns an error (green/yellow flashing).

           L: Increase both players lives.

         N/1: Jump to next level (through possible exit 1)
              (May return an error).

           2: Jump to second next level (through possible exit 2)
              (May return an error).

           3: Jump to third next level (through possible exit 3)
              (May return an error).

          F1: Select weapon 1.

          F2: Select weapon 2.

          F3: Select weapon 3.

          F4: Select weapon 4.

          F5: Select weapon 5.

          F6: Increase player's 1 weapon's power up to 4 levels
              (turn back to minimum level after that).
              (Notice that a weapon re-selection is required after triggering that one).

          F7: Increase player's 2 weapon's power up to 4 levels
              (turn back to minimum level after that).
              (Notice that a weapon re-selection is required after triggering that one).

NUMPAD ENTER: Jump to next level (stable).

    NUMPAD 1: Kill player 1.

    NUMPAD 2: Kill player 2.
Since it's a little bit unstable i presume it was made for testing/debugging purposes.

The program also supports command line arguments.

Code: Select all

    -f: Load the files from the original floppy disks
        (doesn't seem to work properly).

    -1|2: Set one or two players option by default.

    -c<num> : Supposedly to set the startup number of credits for both players
               but doesn't work as the game set them to 10000 no matter what.

    -l<num> : Set the startup number of lives.

    -k<num> : Set the startup number of keys.

    -a<num> : Set the startup number of ammunitions.

    <num>: Set the start & restart level numbers.
There's a bug in the arguments parsing routine so any number following a letter argument needs to be followed
by a space char (eg. "-l20 " without the quotes) otherwise the results are unpredictable.
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Post by Squirminator2k » Mon Oct 16, 2006 8:35 am

Very interesting - I'll have to look into this.
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Post by hitchhikr » Mon Oct 16, 2006 10:11 am

I updated the post with the complete list of levels (54), there's no secret level (but there's some secret messages in the levels themselves).

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Re: Tower assault cheat code.

Post by dlfrsilver » Sat Apr 16, 2016 3:11 pm

Hello guys, i think it's more than time to post of this :

I always wondered why Alien Breed Tower Assault actually got crashing levels, and i investigated inside the disks images.

Since i own the PC floppy disk and CDROM as well, and the v1.1 of Tower Assault Amiga + CD32 version, i have discovered that
the game has some crash because during the preparation of the data files before mastering, some files were corrupted, and by corrupted i mean that they have a size of zero, the data are purely missing, and only the compression header is here.

The PC version has not this problem, and by playing both Amiga and PC version, the differences are not there on purpose and done by the programmers, it's a problem tied to the productivity tools used on Tower Assault.

If all the amiga data files were intact with none corrupted, the original amiga master would have been 4 disks instead of 3 only.

The real question is : do anybody is in contact with Martyn Brown ? If yes it would be good to ask him to get access to the data files coming from the development source disk, this in order to make a fully working Tower Assault version for amiga.

It has also to be noted that the cheat mode doesn't work on Tower Assault Amiga v1.0, but only with v1.1

The corruption file problem is present on both Amiga disk versions (v1.0 and v1.1), as well as the CD32 version, i tested all 3 versions, and they are all faulty.

The green/yellow flash when it crash is due to the fact that the game tries to load a file with zero content (the corrupted files i was talking above).

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