Optimistic view on the upcoming Worms World Party Remaster

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Optimistic view on the upcoming Worms World Party Remaster

Post by Danfun64 » Thu Jun 18, 2015 11:52 pm

I have just noticed that Worms World Party is about to be rereleased on steam. Here is what I think is the best case scenario:

Worms World Party will be 2.0, and a patch will be released that will allow cd versions access to the steam versions new features and sounds, minus steam support of course.
WWP 2.0 will still use wormnet2 system for compatibility purposes.
WWP 2.0 will have full compatibility with WA (wormnet1) servers, as well as every new feature provided by the post 3.0 patches, so that the two games are interchangeable to the point where the exe of one game will run the other.
Consequently, WA will have a 4.0 patch made which adds wormpot support and full WWP server support. However, wormpot will be limited to wormnet2 for compatibility reasons.
The steam version of WA 4.0 will have most, if not all, of the steam improvements the steam version of WWP 2.0 would have (some achievements might not be relevant, or would be replaced).

Of course, I doubt this will be the case, and WA will *still* be superior to WWP, Remastered or not.

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