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zip Worms Armageddon Screensaver
Originally included as part of The Armageddon Collection, we've been given permission to provide it here in full for free. Good stuff, eh?
zip Canoworms' WinUAE Configuration Files
Canoworms from the Team 17 Forum very kindly put these Configuration Files for WinUAE together to make getting Team 17's games running under emulation a little more smoothly.
zip Icon Pack 1
ZIP, 7.79 kB
Not too many icons for this particular offering - there is a Qwak icon, two SuperFrog icons, one icon of Spud, an icon of my Squirminator2k avatar (whoo!) and a miniature version of the Team17 logo. Why the lack of Worms...? Well you'll have to wait and see what else I have in store for you!
zip Avatar Icon Pack
ZIP, 8.01 kB
Icon versions of the Team17 Forum regulars. Well, most of 'em. Well, some of 'em. Maybe.

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