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February 2007

Worms XBLA Screenshots
Posted in Worms by Squirminator2k at 28/02/07 12:34am CET

The Xbox website entry for Worms XBLA has some rather spiffy-looking screenshots up to look at, and I suggest you do so right now.

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Worms XBLA passes certification!
Posted in Worms by Squirminator2k at 27/02/07 11:22am CET

It's taken a while, but Spadge has reported that Worms XBLA has finally passed Microsoft's certification process and should be up on Xbox Live Arcade some time soonish. Ideally this would be tomorrow, but I think that's wishful thinking.

I reckon Xbox 360 owners will be Worming within the next two weeks.

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ISOs and Patches taken down
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 20/02/07 5:08pm CET

The website was taken down by our new hosts. At first they told us that the ISOs and Worms patches were, in fact, illegal. Once we told them we had authorisation they then changed their tune and said that they contravene the Terms & Conditions of hosting. Which they do, if only because of the high demand for the files. Eep. Sadly we've had to take the ISOs and the Worms 3D/Worms 4 patches down.

So now we're going to start looking for (yet another) new host. We've had a couple of offers already, both are very good and we may well take them up. Apologies for the downtime and for the files we've had to remove, we'll try to get alternatives sorted out soonish.

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...and new content
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 15/02/07 7:17pm CET

Did we mention that with the new design now fully functional that the SuperBlog is now up and running again? Huzzah!

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New server, new look
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 13/02/07 8:27pm CET

The new server is up and running. There are some minor glitches and wrinkles to be ironed out (and not "winkles," as I nearly wrote - ironing one of those is likely to be rather painful) but we're pretty much there now.

What do you think of the new layout? Pretty swanky, eh? It's been a collaborative effort between everyone here at Dream17 and now it's finally up. If you're not too keen on the new bright colour scheme then the skin option on the left sidebar allows you to change to the dark-purple colour scheme we used on the old site. We're planning on adding new colour schemes to the site in the future, including light and dark greens and... er... probably something else. Maybe blue. Or orange. Ooh, what about yellow? The possibilities are endless!

Oh, I completely forgot - we've added a rather basic Spreadshirt store to the site, where you can currently buy apparel of questionable quality! At the moment the Dream17 logo shirts aren't perfect, but they are an alternative way for you to donate money to the site to keep us going. I would personally recommend buying either this retro-gamer themed shirt or this awesome joystick shirt. We'll get some better logo'd shirts up when we're able.

[Edit by SupSuper] The site is still pretty fresh, so the forum hasn't been updated yet. And report any bugs you find to me ASAP!

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Dream17 server move finally happening
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 14/02/07 4:45pm CET

After some trouble getting the files onto the new server, we seem to have it sorted and we'll be moving the nameservers over shortly. This means that some of you will see the new site fairly quickly, some of you will still be able to see this one, and some of you will... well, you'll lose the website entirely. Still, were kind enough to inform people that we'd be moving, so this should come as no surprise.

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Spadge updates on Worms XBLA
Posted in Worms by Cyclaws at 11/02/07 11:54pm CET

Martyn has updated us on some things concerning Worms XBLA. He says T17 can do some more PR, so we should learn some new stuff about the game in coming weeks, he mentions the filesize limit (50mb) and the restrictions that entails, but does say that there will be both free and chargable content for the game after release.

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Server move: Update
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 07/02/07 5:27pm CET

Copying the files across to the new server is taking a little longer than expected, and we don't intend to move the domain over until it's finished, so the downtime for the server will hopefully be tonight. One problem we are having is with the Ultimate Body Blows ISO we have which is utterly refusing to transfer to the new server, so we may find ourselves dropping it from the site, albeit temporarily.

In other new, I received my copy of New Zealand Story Revolution for the Nintendo DS today Anyone who owned an Amiga 500 knows about the original, and the new edition is a fairly faithful remake with some rather snazzy updates. I intend to write a review for RealVG some time this week, so keep an eye out for that.

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Server move
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 06/02/07 11:29am CET

We have at last secured an alternative server and we'll be making our move today. We're making a back-up of the server in its current form and moving everything over to the new site. Hopefully you won't even notice the transition, but there's a chance the site may go down fomr a few hours later today, so just be warned.

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Worms XBLA
Posted in Worms by Squirminator2k at 06/02/07 1:16am CET

I don't know how I missed this - Worms XBLA is now completely finished, which is probably why it's now appearing on Microsoft's February release list. At the end of January, Martyn Brown wrote on his blog, "The game is actually out of the test loop and awaiting the full greenlight to go Live, but as mentioned in other posts, if it's ok then we'll pop into the schedule - we don't just go out straight away."

It's interesting to see how Live Arcade titles are developed, and now Team 17 have been through the process their next title may well be out at the intended time.

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We want you...
Posted in Dream17 by SupSuper at 02/02/07 2:50pm CET tell us what you want!

As you may be aware, this year we've started working on a brand spankin' new design for Dream17. Now, we're putting in everything we want, and what we think you want. But just to be on the safe side and to make this site the best it can be, we want you users to tell us everything you'd like to see in the new website: what's missing, what could be better, what annoys you, what would reduce the page loading time by 0.00001secs, anything you can come up with, just tell us and we'll consider it. With your help, we'll make Dream17 the best Team17 fansite it can be!

So drop down to the forum and start brainstorming!

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WA terrains in WormsDC
Posted in Retrogaming by Squirminator2k at 01/02/07 6:52pm CET

Now that I'm able to play Worms - The Directors Cut again, I've revived an old project of mine - taking the terrain styles from Worms Armageddon and converting them to WormsDC's .DIY terrain format. Pop over to the forum thread to have a look.

If you still play WormsDC, I'll be making these terrains available for download both here and over at AmiNet at some point in the near future.

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