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Flockers: new IP from Team17
Posted in In Development by SupSuper at 28/03/14 2:30pm CET

"New from Team17 - Flockers is a twisted blend of Lemmings' inspired gameplay and Tim Burton style macabre, all topped off with a dose of that classic Worms humour!

Held for years within the evil thrall of the Worms, the sheep are finally making a dash for freedom! Escaping the tyrannical Worms, the flock must dodge their way past all manner of lethal machinery and traps as they negotiate their path through the confinement of the Worms weapons factory and onwards to pastures green.

Flockers will be coming to PC via Steam Early Access in Q2 2014."

Well that came out of nowhere. Not much else is known, but you can check the official Facebook for upcoming details.

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Team17 announces Superfrog HD for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita
Posted in In Development by Squirminator2k at 13/02/13 2:12pm CET

So that's nice.

I'll be honest, I'm not especially bowled over with the artwork they've posted. I really hope that's just something they've put up to say "Hey, look! It's Superfrog! And we've made some new art!" because... yeah, I've seen fanart that looks better than that.

Still, this is an exciting development. For those who haven't played the original, the MS-DOS version is on for $6.

[Edit by Pooka] That's about £4, for those of us in the UK.

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Worms Revolution map themes
Posted in In Development by SupSuper at 19/04/12 9:50am CEST

Team17 has been revealing some new map themes along the week on their Facebook, first with concept art and now in-game screenshots:

I'm really liking the new style in use, more detailed and charming than before, and the maps seem to be a lot bigger this time around with more varied designs.

Worm Mad reports that the stylistic choice is inspired by Honey I Shrunk The Kids, which is pretty spiffy.

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Worms Revolution announced for 2012
Posted in In Development by SupSuper at 31/03/12 2:25pm CEST

Following a much anticipated "big announcement" back in 19th, Team17 has revealed they're working on a new Worms game to celebrate the franchise's 17th anniversary:


In 1995 gamers were introduced to crazy world of Worms™, the madcap, turn-based strategy game from the twisted mind of Andy Davidson. Fast forward seventeen years and everyone’s favourite invertebrates are back!

Team17 is proud to announce the forthcoming release of Worms™ Revolution. The game has been developed from the ground up and features a completely new game-engine. Exciting new features and challenges have been introduced whilst old favourites such as the Super Sheep and Holy Hand Grenade remain to thrill fans worldwide.

Worms™ Revolution is scheduled for a Q3 2012 release and will appear on PC and consoles.

Short teaser trailer available here:


While I don't consider another Worms game a "big announcement", it sure seems different from the usual, with a completely different style, weird worm shapes and fluid-based weapons. Who knows what this could develop into.

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Team17 Looking for Alien Breed: Evolution PC Beta Testers
Posted in In Development by Squirminator2k at 21/01/10 5:59pm CET

Team17 are looking for people to beta-test the Windows version of Alien Breed: Evolution. From the forum:

Team17 are pleased to announce that we will be conducting a limited closed beta programme for the PC version of Alien Breed Evolution, to commence within the next two weeks. Specifically, the beta will be focusing upon hardware compatibility and network performance.

The beta version of the game will consist of the single player trial level and the first co-op multiplayer level which can be played online with a friend. If you’d like to have a chance to play the game early and help us shape the Alien Breed experience for the PC then follow the application instructions posted below. We’re looking to get the game tested on as many different hardware configurations as possible, so please do get in touch!

Application Process

If you would like to take part, you will need to use the application form which can be found at:

Please download it, fill it out electronically and send in an email to alienbreedbetaapplication[at]

You will need to attach a DirectX diagnostic report to this email for your application to be considered. More information about this can be found below.

DirectX Diagnostic Report

When applying, please attach a DirectX diagnostic report to the application. Applications that do not have a DxDiag report attached will not be considered for the beta programme.

To obtain a DxDiag report, click Start, and select the menu item Run. Type DxDiag.exe and click Ok when the window appears. The report can then be obtained by selecting Save All Information, and can be attached to the email as a text file.

Team17 Forum Account

To participate in the beta programme you will also be required to have a Team17 forum account to allow you to gain access to the beta forum. You can sign up for a forum account at Applications that do not provide a Team17 forum username will not be considered for the beta programme.


You will need to have a Steam account and the Steam client installed to participate in the Alien Breed beta programme. We’ll be using Steam to provide the beta build to you, with the client allowing us to provide updates to the game on the fly, effectively streamlining the beta process for all involved.
For more information please visit


Please remember that the game is in a pre-release state which has not been optimised for all systems, and will in no way reflect the quality of the final released product. Participants will be required to agree to an NDA preventing the discussion of the game until after the beta programme has ended. The beta programme will be active for a limited period only and Team17 has the right to withdraw the beta programme at any time without explanation.
All personal information collected by Team17 during the beta programme will be stored locally, used only for the purposes of conducting the beta programme and will not be disclosed to any third parties.


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New game titles revealed
Posted in In Development by Bonz at 25/02/09 6:37pm CET

Apparently the Australian Classification Office has revealed the title for a new Worms game called Worms Armageddon Decade.
Worms Armageddon has its 10th anniversary in 2009.

The game is stated as multi-platform and Microsoft is listed as the publisher, which most likely will be the XBLA title that Spadge mentioned here.
This will also later get released for PC, which marks the return of a 2D Worms title to that platform since Worms World Party in 2001.

The Worms version for the Sony's PSN will be an enhanced version of the current XBLA version with additional features and content, as revealed here.

Also, in this same article "Alien Breed Evolution" has been confirmed as the name for the upcoming Alien Breed title, a digital download only release.

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Alien Breed possibly coming to 360, PS3 in April
Posted in In Development by Squirminator2k at 15/12/08 11:31am CET

I have recently been contacted by a source claiming to have an in with Team17 that we can expect the new Alien Breed title to grace both the Xbox 360 Live Arcade and PlayStation3 Network stores in April. According to my source, we will start to see the first real screenshots and video footage trickling out from Team17 during January.

I've also been informed that the game will not be released on the PC because of "piracy concerns". A potential kick in the teeth, there.

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New Alien Breed logo confirmed
Posted in In Development by Bonz at 16/09/08 10:08pm CEST

Team17 have confirmed the logo for the new, upcoming Alien Breed title to the site VG247 in this article.

New Alien Breed logo

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New Alien Breed title confirmed
Posted in In Development by Bonz at 30/08/08 8:57pm CEST

According to this SPOnG article from 27-08-2008 Martyn 'Spadge' Brown has confirmed that Team17 are working on a new Alien Breed title.
Spadge: "[...] we're doing it with a budget far in excess of anything that has been spent anywhere on a digital title to date."

Digital, as in digital distribution, makes the next-gen consoles' online services PSN and XBLA come to my mind: Spadge previously hinted that there were two XBLA titles and one PSN title in developement and being "pencilled in" respectively.
This makes one wonder if there is a chance for a PC version. Spadge did not confirm or deny the platforms or delivery methods however.

The guys at SPOnG also wildly speculated that Team17 may not only be developing the title, but also publish it themselves, something which Team17 haven't done in a long time.

Spadge furthermore gave some insight in future planning regarding their intellectual property:
"We're looking to take the studio in different directions. For a start, the days of over-reliance on a sole IP are over".
"We're certainly looking to go back to multiple, high quality IPs."

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XBLA/PSN game axed, might have been a game by the Pickford Bros.
Posted in In Development by Squirminator2k at 12/07/08 2:49am CEST

If you've read Spadge's blog recently, then you've read this:
Just recently the company decided to cease a digital download/casual games project, one which some time ago really did seem like total common sense with the way things were going; i.e. digital publishing, IP retention, casual gaming, our experience and publishing position, etc.

All at very moderate investment risk at amicable terms - which really should be the way it happens - almost too good to be true for all parties. I guess its just been a while since we canned anything so it all feels a bit weird and is ultimately more than a little disappointing. Not only for the team, but for the notion and spirit in which it was started; that we could utilise a strong position and bring other quality IP to the platforms with our experience and knowledge of the platforms.

Team 17 would have, for the second time in ages, been publishing a game themselves. For the first time in a very long time, however, it seems they would have been publishing a game that would have been originally developed out-of-house. This was interesting, but decidedly vague enough for me to decide not to report on it. That is, until Gaming Journalist and all 'round nice guy Ashley Day (who I still have yet to play a game of Worms with online, incidentally) sent me a link to this blog post by Ste Pickford, one half of the Pickford Bros. (who were responsible for Ghosts n Goblins on various home computing systems in the 80s, Plok! Wetrix, the Mario Artist games on the N64DD, and surprisingly the GameCube version of Worms Blast). For those of you who don't want to read the article, or who have an innate fear of clicking on purple-coloured links lest they catch "the gay", here's an excerpt:
Our new game has been canned! Gutted!

OK, not quite canned, but it's no longer a console game, and that's the reason that I haven't written anything in this blog for a few weeks. We got the news a couple of months ago, but it's taken a while to tie up all the loose ends, and I didn't want to be writing about it while we were still sorting out the final legalities.


We had an original game concept - a 'casual game' - and had hooked up with a client who wanted us to develop it to fully playable prototype stage on PC, which they were then going to take and make into a console game for one of the download systems out there (Live / PSN / Wii Ware, whatever). This was ideal as we were being funded to develop an original game from home, retaining IP ownership, and didn't have to write the console versions, which would be impossible for us as none of the console manufacturers seem keen on letting people who work from home have access to devkits or developer licenses.

We'd got to the end of the prototype, but we'd not really known when to stop and were adding more polish to the prototype than strictly necessary. We've spent over two decades making finished, releasable games, so it's a kind of habit with us, and without anyone telling us to stop we just carried on making something like a finished game, rather than saying 'here's the finished prototype' and claiming the last payment months ago, like any sensible businessmen would.

In the meantime our client had become less keen on the prospect of committing to writing a console version of the game. We don't know exactly why. They might have just hated the game, but I don't think so. The deal gave them the right to decline to start the console version at the end of the prototype period, and they've merely exercised that right. So we haven't been canned at all really - it just felt like it when we first heard it back in May - and we're still on very good terms with the client.

All incredibly interesting. Is it just a Shocking Coincidence? Or are the two articles more directly linked? Ash certainly seems to think so, and personally I'm leaning in the same direction.

Meanwhile, those of you who own a PS3 and who have been waiting for your own version of a 2D Worms version might be in luck. Spadge also recently posted this in a thread asking whether or not the game would be coming to Sony's Trouserpress-looky-likey console:
No announcement... yet.

Oh Martyn, you tease. More on this, etc., etc.

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An Announcement is imminent!
Posted in In Development by Squirminator2k at 20/06/08 7:23am CEST

While Team 17 might not quite be knocking out as many classic titles as they were during the 90s, there is one thing that they are still good at - hint-dropping. Martyn Brown dropped a real bombshell earlier on Monday when he posted on his blog that Team 17 are "edging towards announcing something we've been wanting to shout about for a while". Apparently Team 17 are developing another game for Sierra/Vivendi as well as the disastrous-looking Box Office Bust.

He writes:

Whilst it's still early days, suffice to say that we're pretty confident about it being popular - and details will remain teasingly scant for some time - as will the destination platform and other aspects of it. Other announcements later in the year will no doubt prove pretty popular as we've another high profile ace up our collective sleeves Smile

The blog post can be read in full here.

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Spadge drops hints of Things to Come
Posted in In Development by Squirminator2k at 06/02/08 4:46pm CET

I love Martyn Brown's blog. Team17 seldom post news on their own website anymore, and so Martyn will occasionally use his blog to drop little hints about what Team17 are working on here and there.

Yesterday, Martyn wrote about plans for future titles for the 360 and PS3:
I can confirm that we have two new titles in the works for digital-publishing on XBLA and one pencilled in for PSN (subject to that being OK'd). We expect all 3 will be very well received and there to be much street-dancing and merriment in general. One is slated for late 2008 and the other stuff in 2009. No details as yet to tease you with, but watch this and several new URL's for more in the coming weeks.

As usual, more info when we have it. Should you feel inclined, you can read the blog post here.

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Spadge on Leisure Suit Larry
Posted in In Development by Squirminator2k at 18/01/08 7:53am CET

Spadge recently had this to say on the subject of their in-development title, Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust:

It's true.

The script is actually rather good and genuinely funny. Yes, it's something different and 'something blue' Smile It's more USA mature comedy rather than bawdy/smutty sex game and its not a collection of mini-games, it's a 3rd person action adventure set in an around a parody of the movie industry with missions and free-roaming environment. The tech is Unreal3.

It's a real departure for us and yes, we've been working on it 2 years. For us, it's big-budget.

There are more announcements to come this year, but our work like this should be expected from now on.

Interesting stuff. Big budget, good script, and Unreal3 tech. In a Leisure Suit Larry game, no less. I'm still not particularly excited about the game itself, considering I was too young to play the games when they first came out, but if it does well it could mean big things for Team 17...

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Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust announced. Ish.
Posted in In Development by Squirminator2k at 17/01/08 8:34pm CET

Martyn Brown recently announced on his blog that Team 17's next game will in fact be a continuation of the popular Leisure Suit Larry franchise originally created by Al Lowe for Sierra Interactive. You can read Martyn's post here, and there's an IGN interview with the game's Executive Producer John Melchior here.

As someone who has never really been a fan of the Leisure Suit Larry games, I can't really feign interest in this. The voice cast for the game, as reported in this news report at Wired, is fairly impressive:

Jay Mohr (Last Comic Standing), Dave Attell (Insomniac), Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie), Carmen Electra (Starsky and Hutch), Artie Lange (Mad TV), Patrick Warburton (Family Guy), Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development), Nikki Cox (Las Vegas), Peter Graves (Mission Impossible), Jane Lynch (The 40 Year Old Virgin) and Josh Keaton (The Spectacular Spider-Man) as the voice of Larry Loveage [sic].

The game is due to hit PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 later in the year.

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