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Commodore Amiga: a visual commpendium
Posted in Amiga Classics by SupSuper at 13/10/14 9:41pm CEST

Are you a huge fan of the Amiga? Who are we kidding, of course you are, we all are, otherwise what would we even be doing here. Team17 and many more great game companies started on this wonderful platform.

So, you're probably interested in this Kickstarter for a book celebrating the Amiga, jam-packed full of iconic game art, screenshots, videos, boxart, music, interviews, contributions from industry legends from that era, and more!

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Amiga Game Wrappers for Mac OS X
Posted in Amiga Classics by SupSuper at 19/03/14 12:11am CET

Love classic Amiga games but can't be bothered to set up an emulator just to replay them? Well you're in luck, Amigoianer has been developing game wrappers for Mac OS X that include a pre-configured emulator for various Amiga games, so you can play them as simply as any other application. You just need the appropriate game disk files and Amiga ROMs to use them.

Currently the only available Team17 games are Alien Breed and Overdrive, but we hope to see more added later. Smile

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Classic Amiga games on Blackberry and other obscure news
Posted in Amiga Classics by SupSuper at 16/03/13 2:39pm CET

If you told me someone would be officially porting Amiga games to Blackberry in 2013, I'd say you're out of your mind! Yet here we are. Amiga Inc. has partnered up with BlackBerry to bring your favorite Amiga games to BlackBerry Playbook and Z10 devices.

There's already a lot of titles available on BlackBerry World, with many more to come! You'll notice classics like Turrican and Gods, and of course all your favorite Team17 titles (but no Worms?). The new touch controller seems kinda finicky, but hey it's another chance to relive the classics, let us know what you think. Smile

On other news, Hallfiry managed to tracked down various info on Team17's unreleased RPG, Witchwood, including promotional screenshots, trailers and even a tech demo! Surprising how a title can still get canned after so much development and marketing got put into it.

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Apple Breed
Posted in Amiga Classics by SupSuper at 17/06/12 12:14pm CEST

Were you unhappy with the new reimagined Alien Breed series? Did you prefer the days it was made of classic old 2D pixels? Well worry no more, Team17 is remaking the classic 2D Alien Breed game for iOS devices, including all the original SE content as well as new graphics, new levels, and gameplay tweaks like being able to walk and shoot in different directions! Surprised or Shocked


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