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PS3 update of Super Stardust in development
Posted in Retrogaming by Squirminator2k at 27/04/07 1:35am CEST

The original developer of enhanced Asteroids clone Super Stardust is working on a PS3 update, according to has a few screenshots to look at. It looks rather nice so far, if a bit busy.

Thanks to the English Amiga Board for this news nugget (and for wishing me a happy 21st birthday).

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Commodore Gaming store launches
Posted in Retrogaming by Squirminator2k at 23/04/07 6:37pm CEST

Commodore Gaming's online store has gone live today, albeit in the UK and Ireland only for the time being. a European opening is due some time in May. No word on a US opening so far, which means I may not get my swanky new Commodore PC after all Sad

From the press release:

"The online store will supply the higher specification models Commodore gx and Commodore xx, while the Commodore g and Commodore gs range will be made available in retail outlets. Commodore Gaming machines are priced competitively for such high spec components and hand-finished build quality:

Commodore gx - £1759 (inc VAT)
Commodore xx - £2899 (inc VAT)

(Above prices include buyers choice of C-kin case artwork)

Commodore Gaming has also confirmed that customers will be able to customise aspects of their gaming PC, offering a customized interior and exterior. All components can be selected to build a personal specification on each machine.

Commodore Gaming now offers over 100 unique "C-kins" designs in their online store, each case being artistically painted using a patented dye process (unique to Commodore Gaming) and individually finished with a scratch proof surface usually reserved for the automotive industry.

I'm glad to see the Commodore brand alive and kicking again.

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Commodore Returns!
Posted in Retrogaming by Squirminator2k at 16/03/07 10:50pm CET

The Commodore brand is being revived. The new company, called Commodore Gaming, is a manufacturer of high-spec gaming PCs which are due to start selling in April for prices between £1,000-5,000 (or $1,900-9,500). The company aren't just selling "black and beige" PCs - customers will be able to choose one of over 100 case designs, and Commodore hope to make customising your own design a possibility in the future.

This is wonderful news, and I will confess there is a sort of perverse pleasure in the possibility of running Amiga Forever on a Commodore-branded PC.

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WA terrains in WormsDC
Posted in Retrogaming by Squirminator2k at 01/02/07 6:52pm CET

Now that I'm able to play Worms - The Directors Cut again, I've revived an old project of mine - taking the terrain styles from Worms Armageddon and converting them to WormsDC's .DIY terrain format. Pop over to the forum thread to have a look.

If you still play WormsDC, I'll be making these terrains available for download both here and over at AmiNet at some point in the near future.

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Getting Worms and WormsDC working in WinUAE
Posted in Retrogaming by Squirminator2k at 31/01/07 9:55pm CET

I don't know about you, but I've been having all sorts of problems getting Worms - The Directors Cut working under recent builds of WinUAE. Fortunately I appear to have found the solution.

Open WinUAE and go to the configuration you usually use for playing WormsDC. Load it, but don't go into emulation just yet. Instead, go to the "CPU" options. Untick the JIT box, and tick the "More accurate FPU" and "More compatible" boxes. Then save this configuration with an alternative name - something really original and clever like "WormsDC.uae" will probably do.

This seems to work, although it doesn't unfortunately fix the problems I've been having getting the original Worms working.

Update: It appears that this modification also works if you boot the original Worms from the IPF floppy. It runs out of Chip memory when you try to do it from a virtual Hard Drive install. I've yet to try the CD32 version and in fact I don't have the means to at the moment - if anyone wants to give it a go and get back to me please do.

Update II: Right, we now finally have screenshots of the Amiga version of Worms.

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