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Ask SuperFrog Update
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 24/05/04 9:31am CEST

SuperFrog has very kindly answered two questions submitted to him. You can check them out if you want. Or not. I recommend you do.

In other news I have discovered that the version of Alien Breed 3D I currently have online isn't working properly with most Amiga emulators (specifically WinUAE, which is part of the Amiga Forever Pack that I'm always ranting and raving about) so I will attempt to find an alternate version for you. I did find a Hard Drive installed version but I don't think that will be much use to people who don't have the Amiga Forever pack or who don't know how to set up a Hard Drive from within WinUAE. The most probably alternative at the moment is that I will replace that particular set of .ADF files with files from the CAPS Project. The only problem is that they will be protected by Team17's traditional Copy Protection (i.e. the "black text on black book" approach) but I believe there is something on AmiNET, authorised by Team17, that will allow me to circumvent this copy protection. Meaning that
the CAPS files I'll end up with won't techincally be part of the CAPS project at all. So... er... yes. I'll keep you guys up to date.

But we do now have SuperFrog up for download. Which is nice.


It turns out that the version of Alien Breed 3D I have is fine. There is something about the latest version of WinUAE that is causing the problem. If you are using Amiga Forever straight out fo the box or have not updated to the latest version of WinUAE yet (with the snazzy new GUI) it should still work.

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