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Yet more minor tweaks...
Posted in Archived by Pooka at 28/05/04 4:44pm CEST

Of all the heathens imaginable... Pooka doing an update!

Yes, well, I've always wanted to say that.

Anyway, yes. I've pointed out some stuff to S-2K which he didn't know about (he's not perfect you know, even if it seems that way!), and so the Softography+ page for P.I.G. has been tweaked a little. As has the Worms Armageddon page, to add a little bit about the Amiga version.

We've also received our first ever PayPal donation. Go Dream17!

Oh, and just a little something which I also announced on my SF website today: have acquired the legal rights to distribute SuperFrog, Project-X and Full Contact ADFs. Of course, they're all available here anyway, but it's nice to know that Team17 care about their older games.

[Edit by S-2k] Additionally, we've recieved two pieces of FanArt!

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