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Worms XBLA
Posted in Worms by Squirminator2k at 06/02/07 1:16am CET

I don't know how I missed this - Worms XBLA is now completely finished, which is probably why it's now appearing on Microsoft's February release list. At the end of January, Martyn Brown wrote on his blog, "The game is actually out of the test loop and awaiting the full greenlight to go Live, but as mentioned in other posts, if it's ok then we'll pop into the schedule - we don't just go out straight away."

It's interesting to see how Live Arcade titles are developed, and now Team 17 have been through the process their next title may well be out at the intended time.

Posted by yilez at 06/02/07 10:00am CET

My bet is that worms was supposed to come out last week, but just missed it's deadline, and Root Beer Tapper was scheduled for this week.

Microsoft know that worms will be a little money spinner for them, so they'll be eager to get it out.

Here's betting that worms is next week (14th) or the week after at the latest.

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