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Team17 Anthology for CD32?
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 27/08/04 8:14pm CEST

Whilst doing a quick Google search for Team17-related news I stumbled across this which, at first, I thought was a re-release package that someone such as Epic Marketing (who re-released SuperFrog for the CD32 back in 1999) might have put together. Instead it turns out to be a fan-made compilation which is available to download as an ISO and playable on both CD32 emulators and the CD32 console itself. I still hold out hope that Team17 will release a Retrospective Collection for the PC featuring ports of their most popular Amiga titles, but it seems unlikely. Ho hum.

.: Edit :.

Further digging around the English Amiga Board has lead me to this - someone is currently planning to recreate the original Alien Breed 3D using the AB3DII game engine. Spiffy...

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