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Commodore Gaming store launches
Posted in Retrogaming by Squirminator2k at 23/04/07 6:37pm CEST

Commodore Gaming's online store has gone live today, albeit in the UK and Ireland only for the time being. a European opening is due some time in May. No word on a US opening so far, which means I may not get my swanky new Commodore PC after all Sad

From the press release:

"The online store will supply the higher specification models Commodore gx and Commodore xx, while the Commodore g and Commodore gs range will be made available in retail outlets. Commodore Gaming machines are priced competitively for such high spec components and hand-finished build quality:

Commodore gx - £1759 (inc VAT)
Commodore xx - £2899 (inc VAT)

(Above prices include buyers choice of C-kin case artwork)

Commodore Gaming has also confirmed that customers will be able to customise aspects of their gaming PC, offering a customized interior and exterior. All components can be selected to build a personal specification on each machine.

Commodore Gaming now offers over 100 unique "C-kins" designs in their online store, each case being artistically painted using a patented dye process (unique to Commodore Gaming) and individually finished with a scratch proof surface usually reserved for the automotive industry.

I'm glad to see the Commodore brand alive and kicking again.

Posted by Ash at 23/04/07 10:34pm CEST

It's not the real Commodore though is it?

Just some brand whoring name borrowers.

And their machines are overpriced.

Posted by Squirminator2k at 27/04/07 12:24am CEST

Bizarrely Ash, that doesn't bother me. I'm usually against that sort of thing - Infogrames whoring of the Atari brand irks me to no end - but there's some perverse pleasure in knowing that there are computers being manufactured with the Commodore logo on the case.

Posted by Ash at 27/04/07 5:06pm CEST

Go for the new Amiga instead - at least it's built by real Amiga people.

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