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Jump Leads - coming soon!
Posted in Other Stuff by Squirminator2k at 22/06/07 7:56pm CEST

Fans of science fiction rejoice - my latest project, Jump Leads, launches very soon. I'm a huge scifi and fantasy geek, with a particular interest in Red Dwarf, Doctor Who and H2G2. So it's no surprise that I would take that love and try to craft something of my own. My own science fiction Universe for myself and others to enjoy.

Jump Leads is a webcomic, created and largely written by myself (with additional contributions from numerous people including our very own Worm Mad). The art is provided by the rather exceptional JjAR, whose name you might recognise if you've ever visited the FanArt board on the Team 17 Forum. It looks utterly dazzling.

The script for the first "issue" of Jump Leads was sent to the BBC who enjoyed reading it but ultimately decided to pass, although they did ask me to send them something else. It's some of my best writing, if I do say so myself, and fans of Scifi, comedy, and combinations of the two will undoubtedly get a kick out of it.

The webcomic is due to launch in early July. Watch this space for more information.

Posted by JozefX at 23/06/07 1:53am CEST

Completely OT, but do you guys know that none of your CD32 downloads work anymore?

Posted by Squirminator2k at 25/06/07 1:41am CEST

Yep. It's because of a dispute with our inept hosts, Heart Internet. We're looking at alternatives, and we'll likely be moving to a new server in the summer.

Posted by SupSuper at 25/06/07 12:26pm CEST

What he said. If a download has "N/A" as Size it's because we currently don't have the means to hist it.

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