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Posted in Team17's Partners by Squirminator2k at 15/08/07 8:52pm CEST

It's been six weeks since I moved from England to Los Angeles, USA. Much of that time has been trying to get my life in order and get sorted out, and that largely seems sorted. So I've now begun the fun part - trying to forge relationships with publishers Stateside, for both Dream17 and RealVG. My first port of call is THQ, which makes sense as Dream17/RealVG have very close ties with THQ UK, so it makes sense to try and extend that to the US PR offices. It also helps that they're publishing Worms Open Warfare 2, to trying to contact them is a priority for me.

The problem is, they're a bugger to get 'hold of. I've called them a few times and each time I have unfortunately gone through to voicemail. Fortunately I still have access to the UK Press website, so I won't be short of images, screenshots, etc., but reviews and game-specific info may not be as forthcoming as you are perhaps more used to when it comes to our coverage of Worms games. We'll keep you informed.

Meanwhile, the release date is now chalked in for some time in September, according to Team17 Staff. are still reporting an August 31st release date, while in the US suggest a September 3rd release date. However these dates are purely speculative, so better to wait for THQ and/or Team17 to make a formal announcement.

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