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The slow death of the Team17 Forum
Posted in Other Stuff by Squirminator2k at 31/10/07 4:34pm CET

I've watched as Team17's official forum has slowly changed from a vibrant, fun place to visit, to a place that... well, that isn't. There are some who have chosen to blame this change on the existence of a so-called "secret" forum populated by "Elitist veterans", but the truth is far less conspiratorial: over the past few years - since the released of Worms 3D, I believe - people have signed up to the forum and begin posting without spending any time actually looking at how the community works or, it seems, without looking at or thinking about what they're actually typing. Generally, people spend some time lurking on a forum before they do any actual posting, but more and more people are ignoring this basic courtesy. The forum has suffered for it.

I've spent a lot of time and energy trying to turn things around. I've started new discussions, posted a thread of advice for newcomers to the forum, and I've posted comments in threads that usually I would have turned a blind eye to in the past. Unfortunately, things haven't improved. People are still asking stupid questions about why the DS version of Worms Open Warfare 2 doesnt hav hats y doesnt it ths suxxxx Mad or Evil:mad::mad::mad:, or making ridiculous statements such as the Queen's English being the root of all spoken English in the world, or that removing the Quit function from the PSP version of WOW2 will stop people from quitting in the middle of an game even though they can still turn off the WLAN switch. Generally speaking, the quality of posting on the Team17 Forum has gone remarkably downhill, and to be honest it's not a community I feel part of anymore.

At the moment, I would advise anyone looking to discuss Team17's games with intelligent, like-minded individuals to avoid the Team17 Forum, unless they fancy pulling all of their hair out. At the same time, though, I can't really advocate our own forum because no one ever posts there, although I would like to invite people to start doing so. It seems, at the moment, that Team17 and Worms fans really don't have anywhere to go...

Posted by Plasma at 04/11/07 6:08pm CET

...or else you could just not read topics made by newbies. It's the equivilent of turning off that WLAN switch, really.

Posted by Squirminator2k at 06/11/07 3:18am CET

Except it's not necessarily a "newbie" thing. It's an "Idiots" thing, and dems bassards post everywhere.

Posted by Matty at 30/11/07 9:10pm CET

Solution: Delete the crap.

Posted by Slick at 03/12/07 12:46am CET

The internet is such... a lonely place.

Posted by yauhui at 11/12/07 2:46pm CET

I'm starting to agree with you... It's much lonelier in the T17 forum now.

Compared to when I first joined the forum, the T17 forum is.. less vibrant, much less.

I can predict its death anytime soon. Heck, surprise, thomasp once used to give out infraction points for double post but now I am posting triple posts and he doesn't do anything about it - even though he responds to it. Sad

Posted by Munkee at 26/12/07 12:39am CET

Humanity as a whole is getting dumber by the generation and I think the evidence of that has started to seep through the internet. This is one reason I've migrated to Something Awful; the mods may be tightasses and some of the members semi-elitist pricks, but it's still far better than the opposite end of the spectrum. At least I don't lose IQ points on a daily basis by hanging around there. They even have a Games subforum. Guess where I spend my time?

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