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Microsoft hate Immigrants: the Little Man vs. Xbox Live
Posted in Other Stuff by Squirminator2k at 10/01/08 8:11am CET

When I moved from the US to the UK in June, I contacted Microsoft about transferring my Xbox Live account to the US system so I could enter my new bank account details and continue to pay for the account. What they did instead was insult me, offend me, hang up on me, send me mocking emails and offered me advice such as "go back to England." Nice, eh? It reached a head yesterday when they contacted GamePartisan, one of the gaming websites I write for, and asked them to drop me from their Editorial line-up. GP's Editor in Chief naturally responded by telling them, in lovely colourful terms using diagrams where appropriate, where they could stick themselves.

I've written an article about the issue, which you can read at the gaming website here. I'd be interested in seeing your feedback.

Posted by HaK at 10/01/08 11:28am CET

Attention : about Squirminator2k's losing battle with microsoft...

ha ha ha

Yes you may think im being mean but im not. First of all, he is throwing his toys out the cot, like a fool, seeing as if you move to a new country... JUST BUY A DAMN NEW XBOX... Its not microsofts fault, that you were using a european xbox live account... and suddenly expect them to just change it over for him.... but no, he seem to be so upset about losing his xbox live marketplace content... and just because of that, he's trying to challenge microsoft, and actually thinks he can beat them.... This strengthens my statement about his self proclaimed Awesomeness, and the mentality, that he can control and get his way no matter what...

Quite honestly Squirminator, you should have just listened to them, and bought a new console along with a us account... WHO CARES ABOUT YOUR CONTENT YOU GOT ON THE MARKETPLACE... Pathetic...

Microsoft has these rules in place for a reason, to stop piracy, stealing accounts, and being able to access other countries accounts anywhere in the world...

And im quite sure most of his emails and talks to the customer care lines, were riddled with his usual COCKYNESS, and arrogance. So im not surprised they hung up on him.... serves him right...

He is fighting a losing battle, for 6 months, when he could just have easily bought a new us account, and started buying marketplace content.
and 6 months later (now) he would have most of that content back, and come on that marketplace content isnt exactly the coolest stuff ever, that you cant live without...

And the reason microsoft could have said to him, "GO BACK TO ENGLAND" is probably he was challenging them saying, "YOU MUST CHANGE MY UK ACCOUNT TO A US ONE... I DESERVE IT... blah blah blah" It doesnt work that way...

Its not microsofts fault that he moved to the us...

His problem is expecting the world to fall once again to his holy feet...


Not only do i think you are a pretentious fool, but so does the biggest software firm in the world... microsoft.


Posted by Get_over_it at 10/01/08 12:52pm CET

Well said HAK! Now my turn (Squirminator2k will probably delete these comments)

Well, that must be the most boring article I have read in my life, I would rather read death of a salesman.


Anyway, I think you have missed something in your boring article, you missed the part where you got upset and started shouting at them and making threats and then microsoft told you to go back to england. HAHAHAHA

So you are going to push microsoft for as long as it takes ..... well, I hope you are young because that is going to take a damn long time. HAHAHAHA

I guess you are going to buy a playstation 3 now! HAHAHA


Posted by Squirminator2k at 10/01/08 4:40pm CET

Actually I have all three consoles, but that's besides the point. The issue is that Microsoft are treading all over immigrants such as myself. If you were in my position, I doubt you'd just "suck it up". When you've spent over $600 on services (not products, but services) and software you can no longer use through no fault of your own, let's see how you feel about it.

If you'd read the article (and I highly doubt you did) you'd know that I didn't bring over my UK 360. I bought a brand new one when I moved here and re-downloaded the content I'd bought when I was in the UK. Nice flying, Wing Commanders.

I have serious trouble dealing with the concept that you, HaK, are older then 12. Maybe 14 at a stretch. I've seen your forum posts on the "Off-Topic" T17 Forum. I've seen your "Poetry Business" - good job giving your bank details to a kid, by the way. I'm sure that with a red-hot intellect like that behind the operation you'll both do exceptionally well.

Oh, and I'm not going to delete your comments. Largely because half of the people who are in some way connected with the Team17 community already know what a complete and utter moron you are already.

Ah, I love the internet. You get to meet such *interesting* people...

Posted by diablo vt at 10/01/08 5:30pm CET

Don't worry Squirminator I'll back you up! It's not right being like that towards someone! HaK it's not funny. Yes you do get to meet *interesting* people on the internet.

Posted by Roffleman at 10/01/08 11:36pm CET

Hey Hak, aren't you that 24 year old guy that only hangs out with 12 year olds on a lame invisionfree forum? XD
Oh and good luck with that poetry business. I'm sure you'll make TONS of LULZ with hat. XD Rolling Eyes

Posted by Ash at 11/01/08 12:07am CET

Ben - Good on ya for speaking out about MS. They're a good company but they're not perfect by a long stretch. I reckon that if you complain then the person who insulted you would (and definitely should) get sacked.

Hak - You sound like a right tosser.

Posted by Andrew at 11/01/08 1:29am CET

For what it's worth, you can pretty well run a PC on Ubuntu these days.

PS. HaK, it's shit like that is why we banned you from the T17 boards.

Posted by Squirminator2k at 11/01/08 2:28am CET

Oh, don't worry - he's banned from here now, too.

Posted by Shadowmoon at 11/01/08 8:21am CET

The invisonfree forum is not lame. At least its not as dead as the Dream 17 forum.:P
This site is quite lame.

Posted by yauhui at 11/01/08 8:53am CET

err.. Andrew, I thought HaK was banned for giving tips for a piracy site or something like that.

And yeah, microsoft's customer support team sucks. That's why I never got an Xbox or anything from microsoft other than their office, windows xp and messenger. or some other stuff.

Posted by yauhui at 11/01/08 8:59am CET

[at] Roffleman - yeah i agree.. my forum is lame.


what? it IS true!


Posted by Pieman280 at 11/01/08 1:29pm CET

Microsoft sounds like they're being a bunch of jerks right now. they have proven ignorance by insulting you.

I think the first person to break out into insults are the ones that are more likely to have a weak mind. My advice is to just sue microsoft for just taking your account from you.

[at] Rofleman: Why are you trying to bring a pointless flamewar into this?

so what if hak is hanging out with 12 year olds, What the hell is wrong with that! seriously, what does age have to do with any of this. you are pointing out personal things in a conversation about microsoft being jerks. stick with the topic and don't start flamewars.

Posted by Andrew at 11/01/08 7:15pm CET


The piracy thing was very much just the straw that broke the camel's back with regards to HaK's ban. He had it coming -- the piracy thing just happened to be the offence that tipped him over the edge. I feel certain if he hadn't posted that, we'd have banned him anyway for trolling about a fortnight later.

Posted by Shadowmoon at 11/01/08 7:20pm CET

Anyway, the invisionfree forum may be lame, but its actually quite active (a lot). I know nothing about the reason why Hak was banned, but he seems okay to me. Anyway, stop insulting Hak, its all over now. Like pieman280 said, get back on topic.

Posted by Shadowmoon at 11/01/08 9:46pm CET

And Hak is not a moron

Posted by Pieman280 at 12/01/08 8:18pm CET

er... shadowmoon... andrew wasn't insulting Hak he was explaining to yauhui how he was banned.

I'll get back to the topic: I think Microft is going through problems right now, if you ask me. Like I've said, threaten to sue them and if you don't get your stolen account back then sue them!:mad:

you don't deserve your X-Box stuff to be stolen. the guys at microsoft are being child-ish jerks, so you should teach 'em a lesson.

Posted by Shadowmoon at 12/01/08 8:27pm CET

That post was at the people who DID insult Hak.

Posted by yauhui at 13/01/08 7:14am CET

>Pieman: Actually, he doesnt deserve to be actually argueing with Microsoft at all. Microsoft should just at most charge squirminator a fee.

Seriously, all that's on Bill Gate's mind is selling selling and selling. and stealing ideas from Apple.

He has never thought of customer service satisfaction, has he?

Once my Windows XP suffered from a fatal error (blue error screen at boot-up) and via a friend's computer, i contacted microsoft's support team.

i got a reply 2 weeks later, and the guy just said "just go to a nearby store and buy a windows vista."

i feel so insulted by the response. after searching on google, i found an article on microsoft's support page about how to troubleshoot the blue screen problem.

then i was like, wtf, the guy didnt even know that this page existed on the website of the company he works for.

>Shadowmoon: It's ok already, everything's settled and please do not bring this topic back. I think it's for the good of everyone.

Posted by MtlAngelus at 13/01/08 7:25am CET

Well I wouldn't totally blame the customer support guys. I'm pretty certain they can't do anything about transfering your account information. I'm also almost completely certain the supervisors, or anyone else you can actually get in contact with can't do anything either.
It happens a lot in my case too. My company is stupid, there are a lot of things that do not make a bit of sense. But this are things that neither I, my supervisor, or anyone else I know can change.
And I, too, hate when customers insist with this kind of stuff. I can't do anything about it, get over it. This is the kind of thing you should find out for yourself before actually contracting our services I'd say. Razz

Posted by Ash at 13/01/08 6:57pm CET

If MS really wanted to help then they could give Ben a whole load of MS Points so that he could replace all his DLC, for free, on his new Xbox Live account.

The solution's so simple I can't comprehend why they haven't done it.

Posted by Shadowmoon at 13/01/08 11:03pm CET

Most companys don't care, as long as they have a lot of money.

Posted by Ash at 14/01/08 12:11am CET

I think most companies do care. If you complain to the right people then you're usually compensated.

Posted by MtlAngelus at 14/01/08 3:00am CET

Yes very simple solution indeed, but that's a whole lot ammount of money. Razz

Posted by StarWorms at 15/01/08 11:43pm CET

It really pisses me off when companies mess their customers around. BT has done it twice to me, on 2 completely separate occasions. Good on you for standing up for yourself, especially with your position, as it would be in Microsoft's interests to just satisfy your reasonable demands.

Posted by t0ny at 20/01/08 11:10pm CET

i would say sue them... I dont get why microsoft is refusing to change the account details... it cant be that hard as written in the article apple doesnt make a big deal about this stuff... if they can do it so can microsoft since they copy apple anyway.
there just trying to squeeze as much money out of people as the possibly can (like with vista where they cap the ram at 3gb unless you get the "ultimate edition" why the hell is that its like "yes! i just spend a mountain of money on a pc, now i just need to give MS another $400 to actually be able to use the hardware...")

to be honest i think that after six months i would have sue'd them about 4/5 months ago and if that didnt work out (wich i find hard to imagine) i probably would have gone to the closest microsoft office and started pounding in some heads... it should be to hard to get a medical bill over $600.
wont solve anything and probably ruin your chances for getting whats coming to you but still... it ought to feel good to let go of some of that agression and repressed anger.
(wow i think that was the worst tip you could get so forget it) Wink


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