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Leisure Suit Larry trailer [Arguably NSFW]
Posted in Other Stuff by Squirminator2k at 18/02/08 9:14am CET

If you've been waiting for a trailer, here it is. Remember it's probably Not Safe For Work.

Personally, I'm not impressed. I'm not a huge fan of Leisure Suit Larry as it is, but this seems particularly... well, bad. Yes, it's only an early Teaser Trailer, but in terms of quality it's... it's... it's just bad. The spangly breasts at the end seem wholly unnecessary, but to be fair so does pretty much every other aspect of the trailer, so at least it's consistent if nothing else.

Posted by SupSuper at 18/02/08 8:00pm CET

It's very... erm... spoofy?

Posted by Ash at 19/02/08 9:28pm CET

I quite liked it. Ho hum.

Posted by Shadowmoon at 23/02/08 5:13pm CET

I agree. Its not a very good trailer. I don't think this game will turn out too well, for some reason.

Posted by Pooka at 24/02/08 5:58pm CET

What the fuck is this?!

Posted by Bloopy at 27/02/08 1:36am CET

Seems ok to me. When you're watching a teaser trailer, you don't have much in the way of expectations do you?

Obviously the game is far outdated in regards to current political correctness, so that's going to limit how well it can do.

Posted by Angelus at 27/02/08 7:49am CET

Yeah but nothing on that trailer was funny at all.
For a game that is supposed to be strong in comedy, you'd expect a trailer that is actually funny.:???:

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