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Worms Revolution gets classy
Posted in Worms by SupSuper at 05/05/12 6:14am CEST

That's right, Worms is jumping into this new-fangled thing called classes. Worms Revolution will feature 4 classes you can have on your team, each has different pros/cons but they all have access to the same weapons, and you can mix and match classes in your team however you see fit. If this is too much for you there'll still be a Classic mode.

Soldier - Your traditional classic worm. Nothing special about him, he's just the average all-rounder these games always gotta have.

Scientist - The support guy. He's the weakest and slowest, but he raises your team's health for every turn he's around. He can also deploy stronger items, making his Sentry Guns and Electromagnets more effective.

Heavy - Causes the most damage, but his bigger size also makes him the easiest to hit. His heavy bulk makes him much harder to get around the map, even with the help of utilities, but it also means he won't get pushed around as much.

Scout - The most agile, being able to easily get around the map with faster movement and bigger jumps, as well as taking less fall damage. However he causes less damage, and his small size makes him a lot easier to push around the map, although it also makes him harder to hit.

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