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New Layout
Posted in Archived by FatWhitey at 01/01/70 12:59am CET

Codemasters have released new layout for their Worms4 page it can be seen here

[Edit by S-2k] Wowzers, one of the Worms on that site looks suspiciously like my avatar...!

[Edit by Pooka] I want another Superfrog cameo!

[Edit by S-2k] You would. I expect there will probably be one, or perhaps the ability to subtitute your Worms for SuperFrogs... probably unlockable. Maybe.

[Edit by Sup] I reckon worms wearing a Superfrog mask are more likely, with the new customization options and all. And why is the post date fudged up?

[Edit by Pooka] 'Cuz FW forgot to put a date down, I'm guessing.

[Edit by FW] Nope, didn't forget left it blank due to "If you leave the date field empty, the current date will be used." S-2K told me due to the server change, the date gets messed up.

[Edit by Pooka] I stand corrected.

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