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Team17 buy up Dream17!
Posted in Archived by Worm Mad at 01/01/70 12:59am CET

In a move that has shocked fans of Team17 and staff members alike, Team17 have acquired the ownership rights to Dream17, it was reported today. It has been known for some time that Ben "Squirminator2k" Paddon, the genius behind the popular Team17 fansite has been in talks with Team17 for some months but until now the purpose of these talks was unclear.

Martyn "Spadge" Brown delivered the following announcement to Dream17 staff members and specialised press reporters, at 11:10am GMT, today - "It has recently come to our attention that Team17's dedicated fansite, Dream17, has been covering Team17 related content in a far more effective and concise manner than we are able to, with the resources available to us. We have therefore taken the action of buying up the website and all its contents from Ben Paddon and making it a subsidary of Team17. This decision will allow us to concentrate on Worms related news and info on our main site, while sub-site Dream17 will continue to deliver the same high level of journalism as it always has, with regards to reporting on Team17's older non-worms related games." Ben Paddon, the ex-owner of Dream17 who will be continuing in his role of overseeing the site was delighted - "It's like a dream come true" he quipped.

However, this news has not been recieved by everyone with the same enthusiasm. While Dream17 staff will now be paid a small wage for delivering their services to the public, one staff member who asked to remain nameless had this to say - "This is the last straw. I've always had issues with Team17 but this is just ridiculous. I felt Dream17 was one place where I could voice my opinions without worrying about censorship but with Martyn in charge, we'll soon be living in a Big Brotheresque police state!"

More news on this, as it develops.

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