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Merry Christmas...
Posted in Other Stuff by Pooka at 22/12/14 8:10am CET one and all.

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Allister Brimble's Amiga Works
Posted in T17 Staff & Former Staff by Pooka at 14/11/12 7:54am CET

Good news for all fans of Allister Brimble, author of music for many of Team17's older classics - especially those on the Amiga. Allister, the man behind music for Alien Breed, Project-X and Superfrog amongst many others, has started a Kickstarter for his new project - an album of reworked version for many of his older music. This includes Team17 titles.

Another nostalgia trip concerns Rico Holmes, Team17 artist and designer, who will be providing the artwork for the CDs! this is the first time they've teamed up since those early days - so it ought to be exciting!

I've been promoting the Kickstarter over at my Superfrog website, but here's a link if you're too lazy to click through. I'm sure Allister would appreciate more donations, but if you don't want to donate, it wouldn't hurt to have a look!

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Posted in Archived by Pooka at 15/12/06 4:37pm CET

QWAK for the GBA is now available, although why Jamie's releasing it this side of Christmas is mystifying.

You can get it here if you have any money left.

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New FanArt
Posted in Archived by Pooka at 28/06/06 12:00am CEST

With the help of Sup (who rocks so much he helped me get to grips with Dream17's new system), I've uploaded some new FanArt by myself, featuring Nightlong's very bald hero.

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Lemmings US Release Date
Posted in Archived by Pooka at 23/03/06 12:00am CET

The Team17 Website has announced the release date for Lemmings PSP in the US.

So, for all you Statesiders who want a slice of the action, Lemmings PSP will be released on May 1st, apparently.

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More Lemmings Stuff
Posted in Archived by Pooka at 15/02/06 7:51pm CET

Here. It's a mini-site which was set up specifically for Japan, so it's... err... well, it's in Japanese.

But there are new screenshots and some kooky animations which can't be seen on the official Lemmings site, so it's worth a look.

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Super-Lizzy's Gone!
Posted in Archived by Pooka at 23/01/06 12:02pm CET

Just a quick note.

The Super-Lizzy project, which was being worked on by a company named RealSpawn, has been pulled (indeed, all of RealSpawn appears to have vanished into the ether). That means no Mario 64-esque Superfrog fan-game any more.

I've put the old screenshots up on my website, but the link on the Dream17 page now won't get you anywhere. Sorry!

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Team17 Demo Archive Clearout
Posted in Archived by Pooka at 01/01/70 12:59am CET

Right, well, I've done some scouting and unearthed a few old PC Demos that Team17's archives held, so if you make your way to the Goodies: Demos page, you can while away the hours playing some of the Teamsters' older stock.

Alien Breed: Tower Assault, Project-X, Kingpin and Ultimate Body Blows are the 'new' ones on the list, but why not download all of them? Hours of classic gameplay, and all for free, no?

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Adverts Under Seige!
Posted in Archived by Pooka at 07/10/05 12:10am CEST

There are now TV Adverts running for the Mobile Phone version of Worms Forts: Under Seige, among other games. As is these adverts' wont, they're only running on cheesy, low-budget cable channels, but at least WF:US is getting some airplay, and more people may download it.

Check your local pub's TVs for these adverts, that's bound to bring results.

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Lemmings Screenshots
Posted in Archived by Pooka at 02/09/05 12:34am CEST

Actually, these were released (on the Team17 site)last month to be exact, but as they haven't been linked to yet, here are some screenshots from the upcoming Lemmings-for-PSP title. From a quick glance, it looks as if Team17 have been recycling some of their old Worms settings too...

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Superfrog Are Go!
Posted in Archived by Pooka at 01/01/70 12:59am CET

Actually, I received an e-mail this morning telling me that they have actually been given permission for the production of a 3D Fan-Game to go ahead. There are even some photos here.

Anyone else think it looks like Mario64, or...?

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Try them out! Try them all out!
Posted in Archived by Pooka at 01/01/70 12:59am CET

So, you've thought of buying this Team17 title but you're unsure as to if you'd like it? Well, fear not, for I've provided all the Team17 Demos from over the years, so now can download stuff from Dream17 which you don't need an AMIGA emulator to play!

So now you can try out Addiction Pinball, Arcade Pool, Worms, Worms 2, Worms Armageddon, Worms World Party, Worms Blast, Worms 3D, Nightlong, Phoenix, Superfrog or World Rally Fever on your PC! Go on, give 'em a blast! Freshly available from the Goodies section, and courtesy of your friends at Dream17.

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Yes, It's Down
Posted in Archived by Pooka at 01/01/70 12:59am CET

Just wanted to say, the Forum is currently unavailable. I've no idea why this is, but I'm guessing it's a problem on phpBB's end and not ours. It should be back soon. More news on this as it develops.

Update by S-2K: SupSuper is currently updating the forum to the latest version, and also tidying up the Skin so it flows better with the Dream17.

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Yet more minor tweaks...
Posted in Archived by Pooka at 28/05/04 4:44pm CEST

Of all the heathens imaginable... Pooka doing an update!

Yes, well, I've always wanted to say that.

Anyway, yes. I've pointed out some stuff to S-2K which he didn't know about (he's not perfect you know, even if it seems that way!), and so the Softography+ page for P.I.G. has been tweaked a little. As has the Worms Armageddon page, to add a little bit about the Amiga version.

We've also received our first ever PayPal donation. Go Dream17!

Oh, and just a little something which I also announced on my SF website today: have acquired the legal rights to distribute SuperFrog, Project-X and Full Contact ADFs. Of course, they're all available here anyway, but it's nice to know that Team17 care about their older games.

[Edit by S-2k] Additionally, we've recieved two pieces of FanArt!

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Posted in Archived by Pooka at 22/03/04 8:08pm CET

My historic first post... anyway, I'm working on an article about Team17's incompetence. Just as a sort of backlash, you know. I was going to have it finished today, which is why I'm posting, but it's not actually done yet, so you should have it by the end of the week.

So if anyone has anything to say on the subject... shoot me an e-mail quick and I'll interpret what you say into the article.

[Edit by S-2k] Isn't "incompetence" a bit of a strong word...? Meh, maybe that's just my personal opinion.

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