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This site is named ‘Superfrog: The Tribute Site’ and is intended to be just that: an unofficial site, honouring the game Superfrog. This site has some official input, but it was created entirely independently from the game’s creators, and should not be interpreted as an official site.


Superfrog was created and published in 1993 by Team17 Software. The game is not Abandonware, but for a full copy of the game, you may download a legitimate, licensed copy of the game for $5.99 (about £4) from Good Old Games at GOG.com (use this link, if you please!). I don’t make any money from this, so please don’t think that this site has suddenly become commercial!


Facilities hosted on this site for emulating the AMIGA version of Superfrog are in the interest of preservation, and not designed to violate copyright.


Images and content used on the site are all used for illustration purposes and are not intended to violate any copyrights held by Team17 Software. Fan-made contributions such as fan-art, fan-games and articles are copyright of their respective owners. Any material reproduced on this site is also provided for the means of a comprehensive, encyclopaedic coverage of Superfrog-related material and is not being stolen. If you have an issue with anything said here, please contact me.


This site is hosted by kind permission of David Forester.


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