Although Superfrog has been completed on the Amiga, it has long been thought that the PC version is impossible to complete, as the game is tougher than the Amiga version. For those of you who may be struggling, here are some spoilers! Thanks to Anne Laurette Dybdahl Sandsgaard for providing the altered maps and some of the information.


World 5-4:

Last proper level of Superfrog. Those of you who have played this will know that it is surprisingly easy, and has a lot of extra lives and bonus points in store for you (or, the trials ahead). It also features a cameo from an enemy that looks suspiciously like Sonic the Hedgehog, just in case you were wondering.

You complete the level as normal, and continue.


Project F:

This is where the Amiga version differs. In this version, you will go to Project F. This does not exist in the PC version.

For full details on Project "F" click here.

Eventually you'll get through it, and continue on, to...


World 6:

Ah, this looks more familiar for us PC users! I always thought of World 6 as easy when compared to World 4, easily the hardest world in the game, but it is still quite difficult. Those lives you picked up in World 5 come in handy here, as you may use up a lot of them while trying to get to the final level. This is Level 6-4.

It seems to be absolutely impossible. There is, and you'll know what I'm talking about, a huge great stretch of spikes at least twice the length of any stretch so far, and nowhere else to go. Here, your game ends (most of the time).

Strange as it may seem, you CAN fly over the spikes, with the aid of the frog wings, with the Amiga version at least. It seems harder on the PC and it's already hard on the Amiga! Thanks to Eirik Vea and Tonny Eskesen for this information.

Kas has emailed me to say that you can also fly over the spikes in the PC version as well: “I just wanted to say that you can actually get past the spikes on the last level you just have to hammer ctrl very fast and you can hover over them. It is definitely possible because I have completed this game many times.”

I have been e-mailed by a few more people concerning the PC Version's endgame. Victor claims to have completed the PC Version three times: "I must admit, however, that I had a very good controller, a Gravis Gamepad clone by Quickshot (I still have it BTW, and it's much better than many modern PSX-clone gamepads), which had the added benefit of two main autofire buttons… Once I picked up the wings, I could float and fly horizontally very easily just by keeping a button pressed, so perhaps that made the game easier than it was supposed to be, or LIKE it was meant to played; it depends on the point of view!"

You finish World 6-4 in the usual way, through the Exit. End of game. Well, not quite...

Unlike the Amiga version, the PC version has gambling after the last level and you can get a level code, it's 976363. This code does nothing at all! Thanks to Leo for that information.



Witch's Lair:

This is the very last "level" in the game. Thanks to Timothy Griffin for his in-depth description of the rest of the game from here on:

Right, after completing the last level at the space station (I can vaguely remember the huge expanse of spikes but can't remember how I managed to get past them - it has been a while!) Superfrog ends up on a screen with three ledges - one on the left, one in the middle and one on the right. His beloved girlfriend is sat on the right-hand ledge, but he can't get to her because it is too high and the witch is hovering between the right ledge and the middle one, facing him. He has to jump to the middle ledge and use his destructo-spud to hit the witch. After a few seconds the witch attacks the middle ledge and, if he's still standing on it, Superfrog loses some energy (no more than if he had suffered a normal attack), so it's best to jump back to the left ledge. When the witch has moved back to her position between the right and middle ledges he can then jump back to the middle one and hit her some more with the destructo-spud. After a few times she disappears (killed, I guess).

From a quick viewing of a PC longplay video by davius93, I can confirm that the final boss is different in the PC Version. The witch’s attacking pattern is more offensive; rather than just flying in a circle, she flies directly at the central platform and hovers there for a moment to prevent Superfrog from getting back to it for a while (although you could hypothetically throw Spud horizontally right and hit her when she’s there, but that’s difficult to do). She also appears to have more hit points than she does in the Amiga version, so it’s a marginally harder boss fight.


This screenshot was taken by Kas. As you can see, it is from the PC version, played through DOSBox.

Cue the end sequence. Timothy Griffin continues:

The music playing is that of the title music. You see a picture of Superfrog's face, then a picture of his girlfriend with an alluring smile on her face and she gives him a bit of a wiggle of her body, he looks out of the screen and raises his eyebrows suggestively. Then he turns to kiss her and ... wait for it ... instead of him turning back into the prince (as you'd expect) she turns into a frog! She has a really shocked look on her face and he has a really cheesed off look on his! Then it takes you to the scoreboard, and that's it.

Here’s a downloadable video for you if you want to check out the end sequence! (Thanks to Matteo Siccardi for this)

Real end of game...