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Ball Ďní Chain

Type: Stationary, Special

Rarity: Semi-frequent

Movement: Back and forth

Strengths: Invincible

Weaknesses: Easy to avoid

To Defeat: You cannot defeat it.

Special: Not really a foe. You can jump or fly through its chain.




Type: Projectile, Mobile, Airborne

Rarity: Frequent

Movement: Mainly stationary

Strengths: Fires projectiles

Weaknesses: Spud

To Defeat: One shot from Spud. A head jump will do it but these are hard to do.




Type: Projectile, Stationary

Rarity: Infrequent

Movement: None

Strengths: Shoots lasers!

Weaknesses: Cannot harm you directly.

To Defeat: Donít even try.



Lilí Robot

Type: Mobile

Rarity: Thrice

Movement: Fixed, Looping, Fast

Strengths: Fast, in a gang

Weaknesses: Small

To Defeat: Use the Wings and fly over them.




Type: Projectile, Mobile

Rarity: Frequent

Movement: Fixed, Looping

Strengths: The yellow ones shoot projectiles. The blue ones do not.

Weaknesses: Easy to jump over.

To Defeat: You cannot.

Special: Superfrog can ride on the head of the yellow ones when they are not firing.




Type: Projectile, Mobile

Rarity: Infrequent

Movement: Moves to point at Superfrog

Strengths: Shoots projectiles!

Weaknesses: Cannot harm you directly.

To Defeat: Donít.




Type: Mobile, Special

Rarity: Semi-frequent

Movement: Fixed, Looping, Random

Strengths: Stretches, fast

Weaknesses: Can be defeated

To Defeat: Jump on its head twice.

Special: If it stretches its head upwards, and you are facing it, you will receive damage even if you arenít touching it!

(Thanks to Penny Wyatt for this)




Type: Mobile, Airborne, Special

Rarity: Once

Movement: She attacks in a certain pattern.

Strengths: Fast, immune to most attacks

Weaknesses: Spud

To Defeat: Hit her with Spud continuously!

Special: Avoid her attacks by jumping to the left platform, but if you donít move, youíll still manage to kill her easily.



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