Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I download a full version of Superfrog?

As Superfrog was re-released by Good Old Games in 2012, you can download the full game for a small fee ($5.99 – about £4) by following this link. Because it is being legitimately sold in this way, I’m not hosting full copies of the game any more, sorry! But I do urge you to buy this. If you’re not sure you can justify paying for Superfrog and want to play a few levels, there are demo versions available to play which you can grab from my downloads page. I'm sure you'll enjoy them!


Where’s the information about Superfrog HD?

The information about Superfrog HD is here on this special section of the site. This site isn’t about Superfrog HD – it’s a tribute site for the original game from 1993 – but I think a modern remake is relevant enough to warrant a minisite!

Apologies for the lack of concrete information on this. All I can report on is stuff I’ve found out through hearsay and things Team17 let slip on their website and Facebook. More information comes in as I get it. If you have anything to tell me, let me know!


How can I contact you?

You can get me by e-mail: pooka [at] super-frog [dot] co [dot] uk. You can also tweet me @pookatimes or find me via IRC at at around eight o’clock on Sunday evenings, with the username Pooka.


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Why did you choose Superfrog?

I chose to base a website on Superfrog because I think that it deserves more justice than just having the story printed over and over again on the Internet with links to Team17's website. I think it is a great game and I want to show my dedication to it.


What makes Superfrog so great? Isn't it just a platform game?

Well, yes. Superfrog is just a platform game. However, in its time it was a revolutionary platform game because it introduced challenge, superb 360-degree scrolling, sub-games and more. It was (and still is!) a very clever game and a complete joy to play.


Who is responsible for Superfrog?

Team17 Software (I don't work for them, honest!) is the company which developed Superfrog. They also published the Amiga version, while Ocean held the rights to distribute the PC version of the game, as well as in recent times. Lucozade provided in-game branding with Superfrog.


Is this website official or unofficial?

This site is an unofficial one, with some official content; I have had some contact with various Team17 members, who have done certain things like provide interviews and information. As far as official sites go, there are none. The closest you will get is this page on an archived version of Team17’s official site, which is the only place it is mentioned.

This site is, however, extremely comprehensive, and as far as finding information on Superfrog is concerned, this is the place you probably want to be!


Can you help me with emulating Superfrog?

If you want to emulate Superfrog, you can download Mortuus47's special config and the Superfrog ADFs from the downloads page and configure an Amiga emulator (such as WinUAE or FELLOW) yourself; you won’t find a Kickstart ROM here, though.


What Superfrog clones are available?

Check out the Superfrog Clones page – Superfrog Arcade. This page also contains fan games and sequels to Superfrog!