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Welcome to Superfrog: The Tribute Site, the largest and most wholesome collection of content on the Internet about the classic adventure platformer Superfrog – and its HD Remake from 2013.


Last Updated: 18 October 2020

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First update for over a year and there’s actual content to add! Whoo!


Thanks to Daniel “SupSuper” Albano, Szymon Przybył, Alex Hedley and George Fuchs for help with this update, and to Abime for continuing to host the site and keeping its spirit alive! I’m aware there are some broken links, some internal and some that link to places that no longer exist, so please let me know if you find one. This site is a big’un, so there’s bound go be something I’ve missed!


I have updated the Superfrog HD minisite, reflecting its absence (and effectively archiving it); I’ve also removed some older and broken links to reviews and articles, plus redundant links to the game. The official artwork, screenshots, and things I wrote around its 2013 release are all there for the sake of preservation!


I’ve also updated the press section, which had a huge amount of broken links when the site was ported over to Abime. The links there should now work – particularly to the development team interviews and my own articles – but let me know if there’s something that needs to be edited and/or removed.


And also – excitingly (or not) – there’s a new poll! Because we all love polls, do we not? Thanks to StrawPoll for providing it.




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