The Superfrog Arcade


A collection of games based around Superfrog – clones, remakes, sequels and truly bizarre crossovers! Finished Superfrog? Well, try one of these out...




Superfrog Clone – This is an excellent game by Tom. It’s akin to Superfrog, with the same music, but different coding and graphics – and a different hero! Here you’ll control a lizard! It’s only three levels, unfortunately.


The Adventures of Spud! – By Thingy & Thingy. Scratch a hole through your skull as you solve the Witch’s fiendish puzzles, but make sure you read the manual first!


Froganoid – A game by Juice, mixing Superfrog, Spud and Arkanoid – a Breakout-style block game.


Superfrog vs Space Invaders – As the name implies! Thanks to Juice for this random crossover game!


SpaceFrog – Another game from Juice! Very simple – point and click – but oh-so-frustrating!


Heart – A ridiculously addictive, and wonderfully pointless, game, made by Salvatore for his girlfriend. It is based heavily on Project-F, using the same music and the same background – and some of the same enemies too!



In Development


Superfrog Classic: Exact HQ Remake – This is a new project by Volkan Orhan. He is aiming to re-create Superfrog in a high quality using the original sprites and the ‘Froggy’ utility from the downloads page. To view his original thread on the project, click here.


Chaosfrog – This is a tribute game for Superfrog, recreating the entire thing for Windows! Exciting stuff! This is a link to the site as the game is still in-development. This is the English version; the original site (in German) is here.


Superfrog Project – I’m not sure exactly what this is, but it appears to be a Polish “sequel” to Superfrog. There isn’t a demo yet so I’ve linked to the YouTube video. Thanks to DJ Suchar for putting me on to this.





Froggy – An art project by Todor Imreorov, working on a “new style” Superfrog game with graphics and animation unlike anything we’ve seen before! This blog post contains concept art and a development diary and, for the brave, an unfinished demo level from the game, which was unfortunately cancelled by the developer.


Lithium Dream SF – Windows-based version of Superfrog by Lithium Dream. This is the most recent version, although the project seems to have fizzled.


X-Treme Frog – This is an early demo of a game by James Moorehead. The project was not pursued after a while.


Super-Lizzy – This Super Mario 64-like project has been shelved. See here for more information.