Superfrog HD


Superfrog HD: Initial Thoughts


Since there hasn’t been much revealed so far about Superfrog HD, I thought I’d attempt to collect here all that we know from various sources. I’m aware that I initially missed the Retro Gamer article about it and would appreciate a scan, but apart from that, here’s what I can tell.


Release (Source: Everywhere)

The game will be released for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita – two systems I don’t actually own. My housemate apparently has a PS3, so it looks like that’s the version that I’ll be playing. It will be available from PSN, which is the (online) PlayStation Network. I have no idea how to use that, but the news has been that Superfrog HD will be a download-only release.

I’d like to add my voice to the fans who appear to be clamouring for a PC release, as I first played Superfrog on a PC and it would be familiar to me. I’m aware that, in recent times, the trend for games has been for them to be released online for download via sites like GOG, Steam and the aforementioned PSN. However, I think that’s a real shame – I have fond memories of collecting those large cardboard boxes that games used to come in. Even a DVD-style cased version of the game (as is the case with a lot of PS3 games) would, I think, be appreciated. It’s both something to hold and the chance to include two things: cover art, and a manual. I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of writing a manual. No? Just me, then.

What I’m most worried about is the fact that I don’t know how to use PSN. Do you access it via the Internet on a PC, download the files onto an SD card and put that in your PS3? Do you access the Internet on a PS3 and download it directly? Or what? Somebody tell me!


Graphics (Source: Team17 Website / Facebook)

From the released screenshots and occasional promo art, we have a pretty solid grasp of what the worlds and sprites look like:

·         Superfrog himself is more lengthy than in the original release, looking more like the original cartoon version.

·         Spud looks pretty much the same, both eyes evident.

·         A lot of the sprites (enemies included) appear more rounded, giving the overall thing a more “cartoony” feel. The enemies are all along the same theme, with Blobs, Wasps, Robots et al. all making an appearance.

·         The backgrounds have been overhauled. Holes now appear in the walls of the Castle World (revealing that the action in that particular world happens at night) and the Circus World, both of which showing the Forest in the background. The Space World has windows, out of which the sky can be seen, and the Ice World appears to have similar features. In addition, there are more background “decorations” (which probably won’t affect the action).

·         Items remain the same, although the Coins now have Superfrog’s face on them. It seems from screenshots that happen in medias res that a little star appears as the “collected item” indicator.

The graphics have been a bone of contention for many people so far. Although some of the shots are familiar, I’ve been contacted by a few people whose main gripe seems to be that Superfrog’s main sprite looks a bit too out-of-place. His feet appear a couple of pixels below the ground, but enemies don’t share the same trait. In this screenshot, the “portrait” Superfrog creates a contrast too big to be ignored. I have to say that personally (although I haven’t played it) the game looks a bit “floaty” – with a slower response time (think Road Runner: Death Valley Rally) and an odd hit box. And that’s just an assumption, but it’s what the graphics make me think. It all looks really pretty, but shiny graphics don’t make a good game. If this were a cartoon, I’d think they fitted perfectly, though.


Worlds (Source: Superfrog Facebook Page)

Team17’s official line appears to be this: this isn’t, despite what some screenshots (realistically, a lot of screenshots) appear to be suggesting, a re-skin of the original game with pretty new graphics and gameplay. There will be new level maps to explore in the same six Worlds (I haven’t seen any sign of Project-F or the final boss battle, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be there!) as in the original, but (and I quote) “the level maps have been changed and tweaked to make the game more forgiving. However, fans of the original levels need not worry as those are still in the game separately”. I assume that means that there will be two “games” to play – the original, and new levels? The statement is confusing.

I like the idea of there being new levels. I would’ve appreciated more levels for the original – it is, in my opinion, the perfect length, but I’d like more to explore! – and the prospect of new levels, to me, sounds good. “More forgiving?” Maybe: the original is a very difficult game at points and incredibly frustrating at times! However, I’d be disappointed if none of the original levels were in the game. Including levels both old and new seems like a good compromise. I just wonder how they’re planning to work it...


That’s all I have so far. I’d just like to say, before you start asking, that I am actually in favour of this game being made. I’ve always been dubious about Superfrog re-releases, as they tend to spawn (if you’ll excuse the unintentional pun) a lot of worry for me in terms of the amount of work I’ll need to do (or other fansites appearing and being much better than this one). However, if Team17 were going to make a new one – I’m not sure whether or not to call this a “sequel”, but in terms of the plot, I don’t think it is – now is as good a time as any. I’m not happy about the choice of platform, I don’t like the look of the graphics and I’m uneasy about the whole thing, but I do have faith that Team17 will come out with something enjoyable.


I just wish there was more information to share!