Superfrog & Team17 Sites

Team17 Software

Team17 Software, the developers of Superfrog, along with many other games, mostly featuring worms and aliens. Oh, and beer.


Lucozade signed up with Superfrog for in-game branding. Evidently.


The ultimate and only Team17 fansite, originally created by S2K, now under the new ownership of SupSuper and enjoying a bit of a renaissance.

Facebook Superfrog

Facebook’s Superfrog fan page. There are more than one, but this is the first and best.


The parent company of Infogrames, who bought Ocean Software, the original distributors of the DOS version of Superfrog and other Team17 games.

Gaming Sites

Lemon Amiga

Excellent site about the Amiga and its games, with a Superfrog-based title bar, and some reviews by myself!


Marcus Dyson (the project leader for Superfrog’s development) started this popular and informative gaming website.


Ben Paddon’s new project: a webseries about change and video games. And changing video games, come to think of it.

Media & Entertainment

Amiga Works

Brilliant Amiga Remix CD by Allister Brimble, with artwork by Rico Holmes!


Game music site, with some Superfrog remixes – including some you won’t find on this site!

Recorded Amiga Games

Website featuring a team of people who record inordinately long videos of games being played completely through. I’ll let you work out why I’m linking to it.

Remix 64 (Amiga Page)

Remixes of video game music. The Amiga page contains some Superfrog remixes!

Retro Gaming Radio


As the name implies! Produced and presented by Shane R. Monroe.

A regular podcast by Jack Marshall and chums, with one episode featuring Superfrog.

Sabrina Online

Eric W. Schwartz’ long-running webcomic.

PC Superfrog Longplay (YouTube)

Superfrog Speedrun (YouTube)

A YouTube playlist showing all the levels in the PC (DOS) version of Superfrog, including proof that it can be completed! Kindly recorded and provided by davius93.

Superfrog, all the way through, very fast, with no deaths! Kudos to Nathan Poole for this!



Austrian computer gaming magazine who interviewed me and ran a double-page spread all about Superfrog! Edited by Georg Fuchs.