Clutter up your hard drive with useless Superfrog-related downloads! For those of you wondering, this page doesn’t (yet) contain a full version of Superfrog to download (check back later to see if I can get one up…). To try out the game, feel free to try any of the demos!

Superfrog Music

Superfrog Soundtrack (MP3)

All the tunes from Superfrog, redone and cleaned up, in crisp MP3 format. Thanks to Allister Brimble for the retooled title music.

Warning: this file is 24 MB!

Superfrog Remastered! (MP3)


A collection of wonderful tunes from and inspired by Superfrog, all in MP3 format.

Feel free to send me any additions to this pack that you’ve done!

Superfrog Soundtrack (MOD)

All the tunes, in MOD format.

Superfrog MIDIs

Advert from Alien Breed, plus the World 4, 5 and 6 music. Thanks to Paul.Power.

CIM-Lite: Amphibious Adventures

CIM-Lite has put together a little album of Superfrog-inspired tunes – give it a listen!

Warning: this file is 25 MB!


Superfrog Games and Game Add-Ons

Superfrog - The PC Demos - Two fully working, playable PC Demos of the original classic from 1993!

Superfrog – The Amiga Demos – a pack by Leo which will allow you to play the three Superfrog demos released for the Amiga (see below if you just want the ADFs). Installation is provided so they’re easy to play!

Leap Frog - Right, you may be wondering what on earth this has to do with Superfrog, but it's another cute frog-based platform game, pretty easy to complete, but worth playing nevertheless.

More Superfrog Clones are available at Superfrog Arcade, and see below for ADFs of the Amiga version(s).




Emulation Aids & Disks

Superfrog Config - A configuration file for UAE programs which will let you run Superfrog in a window. Please note that this is just the config; you’ll have to get the ADF files and the Kickstart ROM yourself! Thanks to Mortuus47 for providing this.

Superfrog ADFs (cracked) - Disks 1, 2 and 4 provided by Tinus, disk 3 provided by Eirik Vea. These are the disks that you will need to emulate Superfrog, but bear in mind that this is a cracked copy, and no Kickstart ROM is provided.

Superfrog ADFs (WHDload) – A very intriguing package which was provided for Back To The Roots by Team17. Leo says this is an old WHDload package, which works with WinUAE (a new version of the Superfrog WHDload is available here).

WHDloads are programs to allow installation of a floppy or CD game to the Amiga’s hard disk.

Early Demos (ADFs) - A very, very interesting collection of ADFs, each containing an early demo of Superfrog, from a time when the code hadn’t been finalised. They are from “The One” (a world 1 demo), “CU Amiga” (a world 2 demo), and “Amiga Action” (a world 4 demo that contains a competition). Notice the differences!

Superfrog Cracks – a collection of cracks and cheats to be used with various emulated versions, with thanks to Thomas Sutherland for providing them. This is in 7Z format, which can be unpacked with WinRAR.




Superfrog Intro Sequence – Thanks to Leo for this animation of the intro sequence to Superfrog by Eric Schwartz. This is actually a Shockwave movie and will run straight off your web browser.

Superfrog Ending – I kid you not… an AVI of the ending sequence to Superfrog. Thanks to Matteo Siccardi.



Superfrog Codes - These are the codes for all versions of Superfrog. They are very useful if you are stuck on a level and want to skip to the next, but no cheating!

Amiga HD Installer - Just for Amiga users, this one - it allows you to install the game onto an Amiga Hard Disk (all that pointless disk-changing gone at last)! This appears to be different from the above WHDload facility. In LHA format.

Superfrog Manual – yes, the manual. The manual that was given out in both Amiga and PC boxes. In DOC format.

Superfrog Sprite Screen all the animation frames of the Superfrog Sprite in one file, all on a rather fetching purple background. Useful if you’re having a go at making a Superfrog clone!

Level 1 Sprites – more sprite screens. These were ripped by Tinus a very long time ago, and contain all the graphics from World 1.

Extra Tilesets – yet more tilesets: sprite and background screens from all the worlds of Superfrog!

Superfrog Sounds – all the sound effects from Superfrog in WAV format – also useful if you are making a fan game! With mad props to SupSuper for providing them.

Superfrog Enemy Database – this is an executable version of the enemy database (that can be found here), by Thomas Sutherland, using the information I gathered.

Froggy (Superfrog Level Editor) – A great program by Dennis which allows you to make your own Superfrog levels! It needs the CD32 version of Superfrog extracted to a folder somewhere to load and write its data files from (Leo has provided that, and it’s here to download).

This project is open-source; the source code can be downloaded here!