Level 1-2

1) The first secret tunnel to be found in this level is just to the left of the start.

2) This one isn't much use, unless you're afraid of spikes.

3) You should find this one up and to the right of passage 2.

4) When you reach the end of passage 3 - don't despair! Run into the wall and keep going.

5) This one's a bit further down and to the right of passage 2.

6) Yet another one that isn't actually a passage as such. It's a little way further on in the level, where there are a few platforms leading up. If you jump to the right of the highest one, you'll find this little one.

7) Not very useful, really, but nice to know that it's there.

8) A fair bit further on, you should find this one. Careful of the spikes!

9) After running to the end of passage 8, a hole in the group will open up.

10) Fall down the hole, run to the left, and repeat.

11) And again...

12) Finally you've reached the bottom. After running to the left, taking a few springs up again, and running to the right, you'll reach a blank wall. Not much of a surprise here. This one will return you to just above the entrance to passage 8.

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