Level 1-3

After all the excitement of Level 1-2, 1-3 is quite anticlimactic in that it has very few secrets.

1) A far way into the level, you'll come to a part where there's a spring with a wall on its left. At the top you can go left or right. If you go right, you'll come to an edge pretty quickly. If you investigate the clouds just off the edge, you should be pleasantly surprised. A few clouds higher is one huge cloud filled with coins.

2) After collecting the coins, drop down again to the cloud that SuperFrog is sitting on in the previous picture. If you jump to the right, you'll discover this platform.

3) A very obvious passage on the path to the exit.

4) Further on in the level, you'll come to a part where you're right at the top of the world. There'll be a few small platforms with spikes on either edge to jump along, and you'll pass the sun. If you keep jumping to the left you'll land on a larger platform. From here, you can discover this passage in the left wall.

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