Level 2-2

This level has the curious feature that it can be entirely bypassed by taking secret passages.

1) From the start, check the left-hand wall to find the first passage.

2) From the room that you reach from passage 1, fall down the hole on the left-hand side.

3) Once you get down as far as you can go, there is a passage to the right which will allow access to the normal level area.

4) Just below the exit of passage 3, you will find another secret passage entrance.

5) After a lot of bouncing and falling through passage 4, you will eventually arrive at a spring that will return you to the beginning of passage 4. If you jump over this spring, you will instead find a passage that leads directly to the exit.

A little bit of exploration past the exit will yield enough coins to open it.

6) If you choose to take the long way around this level, the first secret passage you'll encounter will be found at the top right of an unclimbable hole. Ignore the arrow, it's only trying to put you off.

7) Just below where passage 6 comes out (not shown in this picture) is passage 7 - a hole in the floor that'll put you further back.

8) At the top right of this picture is passage 8. Don't worry, there's a spring available to help you get up there.

9) After going through passage 8, you have a choice, fall down the hole, or discover passage 9 to the right.

10) If you took passage 9, have a little look at this passage in the right-hand wall at the bottom of the hole.

(Thanks to Ray@wag.org.nz).

11) After exploring passage 10, this passage to the left will get you out of the hole.

12) If you instead chose to fall down the hole back at number 9, you'll want this passage to the left to return you to the normal level area.

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