Level 2-3

This level is quite annoying if you don't use (or find) the secret passages. At the start there is a large open area with springs, disappearing platforms and heaps of spikes. You'll probably find yourself returning here a few times too often. Never fear, let me help you.

1) You'll never believe this one, but it's true. If you're brave enough to run across a row of spikes with no way back, you'll be rewarded with a secret passage. This is from the large room near the beginning. The spikes that you see are just to the right of the central spring. Best of all, this passage will take you to a point much further on in the level.

2) This one is from much further on in the level, but I've placed it here because it's just before where passage 1 comes out. I always come here first, before exploring the level properly.
One minute you're happily sliding down a slimy slope, next you're falling through the floor. Worse, you're about to find that you're back at the beginning of the level. No stress. Just take passage 1 back up again. This also gives you several chances to get that jewelled crown (not pictured, because I've already got it!)

3) Okay, back to exploring the level properly. After jumping out of the large central room, a pair of wings will tempt you to fall down this passage back to the beginning.

4) A bit further on, you'll see a room full of coins to the right of a short drop. This room has a passage leaving it to the right. Don't take it - you'll find yourself at the beginning again.

5) After dropping down beyond the entrance to the room mentioned in the description for passage 4, you'll be in a corridor running to the left. It will abruptly terminate at a wall. Don't let that stop you.

6) Passage 5 will allow you access to a huge room with springs on the walls and floor. Bounce up to the top left (collecting the coins on the way) and discover another passage.

7) From the room that you found by following passage 6, bounce up and to the right to discover yet another secret passage.

8) Passage 7 will drop you into a small room. Check the bottom right wall to return to the large well-sprung room that you discovered back in passage 5.

9) As if we haven't got enough from this huge room, walk along the bottom row of springs to the left (you'll need to get to the bottom right first of all so that you don't bounce up again) and discover yet another room. All three rings hanging on the wall contain coins.

10) Back to the real game, you'll need to pass through this obvious passage to continue.

11) A completely useless passage. The arrow does tend to give its location away somewhat.

12) At a point further on, you'll find yourself falling down a hole with a spring and a choice of directions at the bottom. If you go left, then you should be able to find this little passage in the left-hand wall.

13) After backtracking from where you went to find passage 12, you should find this one in the right-hand wall, just before a large stretch of lava. It contains (among other things) several nice-looking gems that turn out to be fake on closer inspection. Please note that I found this passage extremely difficult to open when playing the Amiga version, even though I knew exactly where it was.

Thanks must go to Ray@wag.org.nz for finding this passage and notifying me.

14) Even further on, you'll bounce up to the top of a shaft and will be faced with a choice of directions. After going right to flick a switch, you'll go left through a door. It's at this point where you really ought to look out for this nasty little hole in the floor.

15) A pair of very obvious passages (hardly secret) allow access to the exit.

16) The gem's a fake and it hides a hole in the floor. Don't be tempted.

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