Level 2-4

1) Near the beginning you'll encounter two parallel columns filled with fruit and gems. If you bounce up to the top, then go up and to the right, you'll get to this room with a ghost in it. The passage is in the left-hand wall.

2) From the room that passage 1 leads to, you can fall down this hole back into one of the columns. It's a great way to kill those pesky bats that kept knocking you on the head earlier.

3) If you weren't so silly as to fall down passage 2, you can instead check the upper right-hand corner of the same room and discover this nice time-saving passage.

4) If you didn't take passage 3 and instead took the long way around, you'll be rewarded by this huge cache of gems. If that isn't enough for you, this little passage in the right-hand wall will net you a collection of coins as well.

5) Further on in the level, you'll probably find this one by mistake.

6) Further on again, you'll find some rooms filled with fruit. You'll figure out that there are secret passages allowing access between them. It's on the path to the exit, after all.

7) And still further on, another obvious group of passages allows access to these small rooms filled with fruit. If you run, you'll probably go straight through them without noticing.

8) Just below a drainpipe, a hole will open below you and deposit you at the exit. You should have enough coins by now.

9) If you can resist the temptation of the exit for a second, there's a passage to the left of it.

10 and 11) If you didn't go the drainpipe way, you'll find these two passages easily on the path to the exit.

Edit by Pooka, 10/02/2004: Tomi Jylhä-Ollila contacted me, saying: "I found yet another secret passage in Superfrog. Take a look at the passage 10 in level 2-4 and go directly left."

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