Level 4-1

This level is positively undermined by a network of passages.

1) This one is just above the first group of falling blocks. It's handy for bypassing them when passing through this section again later.

2) If you don't take passage 1 the first time, you'll find this little passage.

3) From the room that passage 2 takes you to, look in the top left corner to find the way out back to the start.

4) A little later on, you'll find a set of tiered steps. The second step from the bottom has this nifty little passage, letting you skip the lot. It's safer than going the long way around, but you'll miss the jewelled crowns at the top.

5) Just before the exit, have a look at this little passage.

6) Passage 6 is really three passages, all leading off the room that passage 5 takes you to. I suggest that you take the bottom right one first, and then return to this room.

7) Next, take the bottom left passage. It will open into a small room with coins, fruit and gems. The left-hand wall has another passage.

8) And another...

9) And another! This will open out into a large room. Collect all the goodies but don't use the spring because you'll end up at the start again. Instead, trace your route back to the passage 6 room and take the top left exit. This has another room of stuff and a spring that will return you to a point nearer to the exit.

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