Level 5-2

This level has a few decent secrets to be uncovered.

1) To the left of the start, you'll find this hole in the wall. It's actually the exit for one of the later passages, but you might want to visit this part of it now in case you miss the entrance to the later one.

2) This one's not much more than a shortcut. I'd suggest not using it the first time you come through here, but if you return later it saves a few seconds.

3) Assuming that you took my advice and didn't take passage 2, you'll find this one in the right-hand wall, about a screen to the right. There's a spring available to help you reach it.

4) This one is pretty easy to miss - even when you know where it is! There isn't a spring to help you, so it's best to use your wings to slow your descent, giving you enough time to open the passage. If you miss it, there's a way to get back. If you jump over the exit to the level, you will be returned to a point before this. This passage comes out at passage 1.

5) A little tricky to reach, this one can be found to the right of a spring. In this shot, SuperFrog is standing where an extra life token was.

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