Level 6-4

There are two passages in this level, both allowing access to a point a little further ahead.

1) This one is near the start, and is quite useful.

2) This passage can be found a little later on. Any chance to skip some of this level is worth taking!

At one point in this level, you will see a collection of nice-looking pickups hiding beneath the scenery, in a place completely unaccessible due to spikes. A little research using cheat mode revealed that there aren't even any objects there - they are simply painted onto the backdrop! So try not to feel exasperated that you can't get in there - there's nothing to pick up anyway.

After finishing this level, all you need to do is face down the wicked witch to get your girl back. Never fear - the witch is an absolute wimp. If you sit in the middle and continually spud her without bothering to move when she swoops at you, you'll still kill her before you lose a life.

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