Project "F"

Finally! I have made it through World 5. All that hard work has paid off. So that's the end of the game, is it?

Oh dear. What's this?

Yes friends, there is yet another level to come, called Project "F". You are thrust into space, wearing a spacesuit, and will have to blast your way through your enemies to get up to World 6!

If the name sounds familiar to you, it may interest you to know that Team17 also designed a game called Project X. This is basically a take-off of PX, as it is basically the same game, except with a frog rather than a spaceship!

After the introductory screen,

you will enter the first screen of Project "F".

Those of you who are familiar with Project X will probably whizz through it. Or maybe not, because Project X is not exactly what you would call the easiest of games.

Paul Sydby would also like to point something out: “The music that is played is a ‘happier’ version taken from the Project X game. The title of the song is "px.bladswede.remix!" and can be downloaded just about anywhere.” He is correct, of course; it can also be downloaded here!

You just control Superfrog using the joystick or keyboard as usual, but if you also press Ctrl (Or Button 2) as you would to fire Destructospud, you will fire at the enemies. However, with all enemies in this game it almost feels like a shame to defeat them because they're so cute!

At the very end of this level you'll get one of the usual "Level Complete" cards, but with a new message on itů

Ever noticed how the title and end of level cards sometimes say "our hero" and sometimes say "you"? Perhaps Team17 were indecisive, or had poor memories; I'm really not sure. Ahem. Anyway, on to the Witch's space station!