How to Play Superfrog

Want this more concise? Well, there’s the manual to download here!

Superfrog is a platform game divided into 6 worlds. Each world is divided into four levels. Your task in each level is simple enough: get to the exit alive. But it's not exactly that easy. You must defeat bad guys out to stop you, avoid deadly tricks and traps, drink Lucozade to keep your super-energy up, and, most importantly, collect enough coins to get through the exit!

The Controls

Superfrog can be played with a keyboard or joystick.

Keyboard Controls

Alt = Jump

Ctrl = Action

Left = Left

Right = Right

Down = Duck


Joystick Controls

Button 1 = Jump

Button 2 = Action

Joystick = Movement

Joystick Down = Duck


Items to Collect



These get you 100 points, but more importantly, they are your passport to freedom! The Exit to each Level is blocked until you get enough Coins in order to exit. There are more than enough Coins in each Level to get out so this shouldn't be too hard for you to do.



Superfrog got his super-powers originally from drinking Lucozade so it seems appropriate that he needs Lucozade to keep them going. There is a timer on the screen; if the timer counts down all the way to ZERO then Superfrog will lose all of his powers and become a normal frog once more, dark clouds will roll over the sky, the Witch will reign supreme, the princess will be doomed, and, worst of all, you'll have to start all over again. Drinking Lucozade will add more seconds to your timer. There is plenty of Lucozade on each level to make sure that you get by with lots of time left.



These are quite rare, and come in different colours. They will all add points to your score.



These come in four flavours. Red RESTART pills allow you to pick up where you left off should you be unfortunately exterminated during your quest. Green SPEEDUP pills increase your speed. Red SLOWDOWN pills reverse the effect of Speedup pills. INVISIBILITY pills make you both invisible and invulnerable, so you can pass enemies without being seen or hurt. They also add points to your score.



Spud is Superfrog's little sidekick. He is a flying potato. If you pick up Spud, than you can get him to exterminate flying enemies for you. Pressing the Action button will fire Spud at the enemies and if he hits them they will be eliminated from the arena! If you die then you will lose your pal but you can always pick him up again. He adds points to your score.


Frog Wings

Every superhero can fly, but Superfrog needs a little bit of help. The Frog Wings will not only allow our hero to jump phenomenally high distances, but will also let him fly - albeit for a very brief time, after which you plummet down to earth. You can also use the Wings to cushion your descent, although you don't take damage from falling too far so this is probably quite pointless.



These add massive amounts of points to your score!



You can find fruit lying around or squash bad guys (2 jumps) to get fruit. Each piece of fruit gets you 50 points. They're also a treasure for people looking for potassium and vitamin A.


Frog Dolls

These are wonderful! They get you a free life and add huge amounts of points to your score!


The Slot Machine

The Slot Machine appears at the end of each level. Once you complete a level, you are given the chance to GAMBLE or to COLLECT. If gamble is chosen, you can gamble your credits on the slot machine. Press ACTION to stop the tumblers. The jackpot you're aiming for is 3 Lucozade cans, which will get you a level code! If you choose collect then you get massive points, but you can also get points on the slot machine too.


Your Rating

Once you've finished your game, or get game over, you are given a rating, based on how many points you got, which are as follows:-

Mr Ploppy

Frog Spawn

Tadpole Grade 3

Tadpole Grade 2

Tadpole Grade 1

Rookie Frog Grade 3

Rookie Frog Grade 2

Rookie Frog Grade 1

Frog with a Purpose

Frog with a Mission

Chuffed Frog

Frog Veteran

Mean Green Machine

Super Frog Grade 3

Super Frog Grade 2

Super Frog Grade 1

Frog God