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Systems: Amiga, MS DOS, CD32

Developer: Team 17

Publisher: Ocean


Okay, you're all thinking: Why the hell has he chosen a game called Superfrog for his first Retro review? And the answer is simple. This is an actual gem of a game.


The plot is simple enough, there's a Prince who is about to get married, and of course, a witch turns up - steals the Princess and turns the Prince into a frog. Frog decides to fight witch to get the girl and break the spell so he becomes a Prince again.


That's the plot, and while it isn't up their with Final Fantasy VII - it leads to an addictive Platformer with some amazing gameplay.


Yes, A PLATFORMER! But makes this game different to all the other Platformers? Mario was out, and this blue spiny thing called Sonic was on the Mega Drive at the time. So why bother? It 'bothered', as this was the Amiga's chance at getting a mascot.


He still hasn't answered the question... Well the first thing that gets you is the brilliant cartoony graphics that jump out and make you smile. I'll bet that you cannot stop yourself from smirking at Superfrog when he is running and his eyes have that cocky glare at you. The backgrounds are amazingly detailed for an Amiga game and the level design isn't limited to a basic left-to-right.



Amazing level design and graphics will blow you away, especially on the Amiga 1200.


So climbing trees or going down pyramids brings a fresh feel to this game as you combat through six worlds that range from Forests, Castles, a Circus, Pyramids, the Artic and a Space Station - and the challenge isn't just jumping from platform to platform, you have to collect a certain number of gold coins before the time runs out and you also have to dodge baddies and spikes and basically like any other Platformer.


You can fly, throw a small green blob at enemies and slide down steep slopes. I know it doesn't sound THAT interesting, but the gameplay oozes something original. The music and sound effects of Superfrog are just...enjoyable.



The 'Enjoyable' Journey of Superfrog.


At the end of every level there is a one arm bandit style sub-game to earn more points and extra lives. This can be fun, and you have the choice to play the game, or collect so many points.


The negative aspects, there aren't many, but there are few...There are some bugs in the game, and some errors. Some of the enemies suddenly vanish, and there are some parts of the game when Superfrog 'freezes'.


The only other negative aspect is one, and I mean ONE flaw with the level design is on World 6 Level 4, the penultimate level where there seems to be an un-navigational amount of spikes. There is a way - use the wings and try hard to fly over them - while it's rumoured that it's really harder on the PC version.


Okay, you're killing us. WHY HAVE YOU CHOSE THIS GAME TO REVIEW? - Okay, I'll tell you. Because I can! So there! :-P


Overall: So, it's a 2-D Platformer, but it's a good one with some programming flaws that sometimes show up and can ruin the game. Other than that, it's an enjoyable way to pass a few hours.


Xand's Score: 8/10




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