Official Team17 press release describing Superfrog


Curses! The evil old witch has done it this time... she's gone and turned the Prince of the Magic Kingdom into a bright green frog and made off with his loved one. Sometimes life, even in the Magic Kingdom, is just not fair!

But life by the riverside was not all doom and gloom for our once regal, yet now green and warty chum. As luck would have it, a strange and powerful elixir (which goes by the name of Lucozade in modern times) floats down the stream and catches his attention.

Intrigued, our soon to be hero takes a huge swig and after a few minor explosions he becomes the legend that will soon be Superfrog!



Superfast and smooth 360 degree scrolling / Superb cartoon style / 'Cute' graphics / Amazing in-game music (8 musical scores) / Bonus sub-game featuring a realistic fruit machine / Skill levels to cater for younger (or older) players! / Massive worlds / Huge levels / Secret rooms / Cartoon intro by Eric Schwartz