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this was released way back in the early 90's, originally released on the amiga, it was later converted to the p.c.

created by team 17, the guys and girls behind the worms series, although this has absolutely nothing in common with those games, apart from brilliant design.

the game is your typical side-scrolling platformer, think sonic and mario and you will know what to expect!


now the p.c isnt normally a good place to play these sorts of games, they usually lack some of the shine that consoles offer, but this is one of those rare breed, a console style game that works better on p.c than it would have done on the consoles.


one final warning though, if you have a modern computer with windows xp, you may have to download a program called dosbox, as this game was released before most people had windows it runs in dos, which is a system most dont use knowadays, but the game is still runable with dosbox, and this is an invaluble tool for any xp owner.






as i stated earlier, this is reminicient of the old style console platform games, such as sonic and mario, the basic aim of the game is to take your frog through lots of levels collecting coins!


this isnt the most original game around, but it doesnt loose anything because of this, in fact it gains a great deal, because the designers had obviously played a lot of these types of game, they worked out all of the best ideas and left the bad ideas to rot on the cutting room floor!


you must collect a certain number of coins in a level to open the end door, this takes you to the next level, now this would be very easy if there were no obsticals and enemies to get in your way, so you must also either run away from or kill a variety of nice woodland animals, or evil ghosties!!

some of these cant be killed, so you must try to avoid them, the others can be killed by either jumping on their heads, or by throwing this wierd ball type thing that you can collect.

Other than the ball object, there are the usual objects to collect such as wings to make your frog hover, energy, represented as a bottle of Lucazade! and lots of different things that give you points.

You can also collect special coins that can be used in the bonus game at the end of each level!

This bonus level, is basically a fruit machine, where you can gain extra lives,points or the password for the next level, yep thats right there are no save points in this game, its all down to luck wether you get the passwords to the game, this can be very frustrating if you get really far into the game then die!

But there are always cheat websites around!!!


The thing that really makes this game stick out from the rest is the level design, its an absolute pleasure to play this game, there are so many secret areas that you could play one level for ages and still not find all of them, but it is also fairly easy to find out where you are ment to be going, so youll never feel lost!

The Levels are split intop 6 worlds, each world with 4 stages so there are enough of these well designed levels to keep even us hardcore game players happy.


The levels follow the usual platform game rule, ie there is a haunted house, a forest, an icy world, a carnival land, an Egyptian level and space, so nothing really original in level themes but as they are designed so well you hardly notice.






For such an old game, the graphics have dated quite well, whilst not mindblowing in any way, they serve their purpose perfectly, they are colourful enough to keep young gamers happy and detailed enough for older gamers.






This can be a very hard game, some of the levels will have you biting your lip trying not to shout obscene swear words at the screen, but you will always want to come back for "just one more go!"


It starts quite easy with the first few levels helping you get used to the controls and the feel of the game.

Then before you know it, the levels have got much more difficult with more hazards such as spikes and enemies, and dead ends.


But this is the way a game should be made, i hate playing games that are too easy!!







Well this is a classic old school platform game that every fan of the genre should at least try, i have it permenently stuck on my hard drive, and play on it quite often.

Now it may be quite hard to find in the stores, but you could probably find it in an online store or by getting it from an Abandoneware site.


I personally recomend this to everyone, if you dont like it you can blame me!!


Thanx for reading.