Press Section

We present here a list of interviews, reviews, and other collected miscellany relating to Superfrog. This list is by no means exhaustive, and I would welcome contributions - but there's still a lot here.


Development Team Interviews by Pooka

[read] Interview with Stefan Boberg – additional coding

[read] Interview with Allister Brimble – music and sound

[read] Interview with Martyn Brown – team leader

[read] Interview with Marcus Dyson – project manager

[read] Interview with Rico Holmes – game artwork

[read] Mini-Interview with Vince Pike – box art redesign

[read] Interview with Eric W. Schwartz – introductory animation

[read] Interview with Andreas Tadic – main coding


Articles by Pooka

[read] Who needs a pill to become invisible?

[read] Shall We Play A Game? (SF on Game Boy?)

[read] The Joy of Sticks

[read] Five Things You Never Knew About Superfrog’s Voice (and Four Things You Probably Did)



[view] Review from Unknown German Magazine [submitted by Georg Fuchs]

[view] Review from German AmigaPlayTest Magazine [submitted by Georg Fuchs]

[read] Review by Chris Vella -

[read] Review by Kada -

[read] Review by Kyle -

[read] Review by David Andrew Clayton - source unknown, but also available on downloads page

[read] Review by Xandmatt -

[read] Review by Stephen Coates

[read] Review from Gaming with Neddie


Game Summaries

[read] Official Team17 press release describing Superfrog

[read] Summary from the official Team17 Softography

[read] Summary from

[link] Dream17’s Softography+ Section on Superfrog

[link] LemonAmiga’s Superfrog Section

[link] Superfrog on Hall Of Light

[link] Amiga version on

[link] CD32 version on

[link] PC version on


Features and Scans

[view 1] [view 2] Pages from Lotek64 Magazine concerning Superfrog including an interview with myself (German)

[read / listen] Retro Gaming Radio’s feature section on Superfrog

[view 1] [view 2] [view 3] CVG Magazine scans featuring Superfrog (Italian)

Thanks to this site for the scans, and to Ash for the tip-off!


[view 1] [view 2] [view 3] [view 4] Feature in Amiga Action 45 (Jun 93)

Thanks to Leo for this and the following 8 scans


[view] Feature in Amiga Power 18 (Oct 92)


[view 1] [view 2] Feature in Amiga Power 26 (Jun 93)


[view] Feature in Amiga Power 42 (Oct 94)


[view 1] [view 2] Feature in Amiga Format 47 (Jun 93)


[view 1] [view 2] Feature in CU Amiga (May 93)


[view] Feature in CU Amiga (Nov 94)


[view 1] [view 2] Feature in Amiga Computing 61 (Jun 93)


[view 1] [view 2] [view 3] [view 4] Feature in The One (Apr 93)


[view 1] [view 2] [view 3] [view 4] Feature on Superfrog from Retro Gamer #38

Thanks to Thomas Sutherland for this.

[read / listen] Final Score Podcast, Episode 79 – including feature on Superfrog

[read / view] Superfrog mentioned in Retro Gamer Collection #8 (2014)






[read] Interview with Allister Brimble from Remix64 by Neil Carr

(Original can be found here. Thanks to Volkan Orhan for the tip-off.)


[view] Amiga Software Encyclopaedia scan featuring Superfrog

Thanks to Thomas for the scan!

[read] Extract from a feature on Team17 -

[read] Spadge's comment on Superfrog from LemonAmiga

[read] Extract from an interview with Martyn Brown from

[read] Extract from concerning Superfrog

[link] Digital Spy article concerning a possible Superfrog revival