Superfrog in Retro Gamer Collection 8




“Super Frog” [sic] got a passing mention in Retro Gamer’s semi-regular Collection bumper magazines in the “AMIGA 500: The Collector’s Guide” section.


Team17 games Body Blows, Worms and Alien Breed were also mentioned, with screenshots and box art as well!


Superfrog is also listed in the magazine as one of the “PAL AMIGA games you need to own” list.




If you’re serious about collecting for the Amiga 500 then we suggest you consider aiming for a complete Team17 collection. The developer was extremely prolific on Commodore’s machine, releasing a lot of high quality games like Super Frog, Alien Breed and the massively successful Worms, often in distinctive, recognisable packaging. Ignoring AGA variants there are just under 20 games to collect, making it relatively easy to amass.