Interview with Eric Schwartz Introductory Animation


1) How did you get recruited for doing the animations for Superfrog?


Someone from Team 17, I believe it might have been Martyn Brown, contacted me with the idea of producing an intro animation for the Superfrog game, similar in style to the other animations I had done for the Amiga computer.



2) How did you originally think the animations should look? Was it the same as the end product?


There was some back-and-forth in the design process, but the animations looked pretty much as I intended. In fact the game artists (presumably Rico Holmes) improved upon the background art I had done. My only complaint is that a few aspects of the way the intro was played spoiled the flow and timing of the animation as I originally planned it. Well after the Superfrog game came out, I released a reworked version of the intro animation, called "Superbfrog", to improve upon the original and also parody it.



3) Were you involved in the eventual marketing of the product?


Not directly, other than whatever weight my name might have added to the game's appeal (which probably wasn't much)!



4) Was there any communication between you and the rest of the team (Martyn, Rico, Andreas, Allister)?


Not a lot, I got the information about the game and its story, and was pretty much left to do my work.



5) Rico Holmes described you as "the great icon of the time". Did you work with him at all?


He showed me much of the early artwork and game screen-shots, so I could get a feel for the characters and designs. Some of my early drawings of Superfrog (which looked similar to the Flip the Frog character I had for several of my own animations) had a mild influence on the game as well. The title and package graphics started looking a little more like my drawings than the original game graphics.



6) Who was your favourite Superfrog character?


I liked all of them, though Superfrog was the most fun to work with. I sort of envisioned him with a Daffy Duck-like personality, in that he had more false confidence than was healthy for him. Spud was nice too - easy to draw.



7) The end sequence is a bit shorter than the intro sequence... which one was more enjoyable to do?


I actually did not do the game end sequence. It might have come from some early work I did, but I was not directly involved.



8) What are you working on now?


I do freelance artwork and graphics for anything from print to websites to video games. I also have a web-based comic strip at



9) Do you actually like Lucozade?


I've never tried it. I'm not even sure if it's available in the USA.